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OCR04234 - Streets of Rage 2 "Strike a Pose"


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Strike a Pose!

0:00 - I like the modulated reverb here and the delay on the first hit.
0:08 - Love the hi-hat rhythm here, really drives it forward imo.
0:17 - Solid! Love the bongos. Classic Mike.
0:23 - Love the source material here, very funky.
0:37 - Love the syncopated pads.
1:18 - I love how the hats and snare here really drive it forward.
2:46 - Love the disco drops.
3:05 - Great use the piano.
3:21 - Nice finishing touch.

I think this is and excellent use of samples from Vogue and a wonderful re-imagination of Dreamer. It's been a real pleasure to hear more of Mike's new work! Always been a fan since I was ten years old (nineteen years ago!) MIke's music was a great inspiration to me as I was growing to love music, and it always holds a special place in my heart. Thanks for the memories and inspiration, and wishing the very best for the LGBTQ+ community.

Thanks Mike and David for posting!

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