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IPOD / Bitrate troubles

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I searched the forums for a similar thread but I couldn't find anything. This may be a completely newbie question but here goes: I have been downloading and transferring oc remix files to my ipod, and for the most part it has gone well, but with a few remixes, I noticed they weren't being copied over, so I first moved them to the itunes library and then to the ipod, but I receive an error from Itunes that says:

"Some of the songs in the Itunes music library, including the song "F-Zero The Flood Plain OC Remix", were not copied to the ipod "ajgunn225's ipod" because they cannot be played on this ipod."

Just in case it matters, I have a 60gb video ipod. I looked at the info for the songs that were yielding this error, such as "The Flood Plain", "Earthbound-Snowbound", and others, and the bitrates seemed odd to me. For example, "The Flood Plain" had a bitrate of 127 kbps and "Earthbound-Snowbound" had a bitrate of 141 kbps. I'm not sure if that is the cause or not but I've never seen those bitrates before and thats not how they are shown on the ocremix site. I tried re downloading the songs but I get the same result.

If anyone has any ideas as to resolve this, please let me know. There's probably a really easy fix I am missing, thats why I'm asking for help. Thanks guys!

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That's odd, because my copy of Flood Plains is 128, while Snowbound is variable (I think the project offered two different quality levels).

iPods support VBR files, so that can't be the problem. If you hadn't already said you redownloaded the songs, I'd say your copies were corrupted or something.

Odd, indeed.

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