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OCR04336 - *YES* Life Force "Vic Viper Serum"


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Please find our Life Force - Poison of Snake remix.
We hope you'll enjoy it!
- ReMixer name: LHEH
- Real name: Riad "Slinkman" Hajjar & Anthony "Antox" Nemer
- Email address: 
- Website: https://soundcloud.com/lheh
- User id: 37330
- Name of game arranged: Life Force
- Name of arrangement: Poison of Snake
- Name of individual song(s) arranged: Vic Viper Serum

Life Force original 1986 soundtrack composed by Miki Higashino for NES & Arcade.
We decided to go for a mixture of Rock & Dark Synth for the remix because it just felt appropriate for that specific boss fight.
Many thanks!
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  • 2 months later...

What a delicious, eclectic choice of instruments!  The bottom of it is these dark, almost ethnic pads, then the mid is electric guitar bookended by piano, and the top is synth tuned percussion, similar to a marimba or glockenspiel, heavy on the reverb.  Altogether it's a marvelous, rich soundscape.

Source use is mostly limited to the arp, but it's used more or less everywhere, and there is a liberal treatment of the bridge as well.  It seems fine to me, though it might be interesting to timestamp.  It might be close if timestamped aggressively, but I'm confident it would check out anyway.

The ending is a little weak: there's a tail at 4:00 into a fake ending which is quite nice, but then the actual ending is a fadeout that doesn't even end on the tonic.  It's pretty unsatisfying.

That's my only complaint, though.  Otherwise, I love it.


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  • MindWanderer changed the title to 2021/03/13 - (1Y) Life Force "Vic Viper Serum"

ooh, love that opening pad. very evocative. feels like it's from starcraft a bit. the piano's a bit blah but there's lots of fun tinkling stuff going on around it that comes up and flows into a big synthy band sound - definitely getting SC1 vibes. the chord structure fits this style, too, with lots of crunch as you go between those adjacent chords. the melody's clear in the arp and several other plectral-style synths as well.

there's a bridge at 1:53 that's a nice break of style, getting away from the arpy lead and focusing more on the guitar, and then some chilled-out piano and a build. there's some nice bass movement in here too - the more i listen, the more i find something i like, which is neat. the track steps back around 3:00 for another break, and then we get a build to the big push - except it's not quite, and then it fades out in some recap material. there's a tail of some nothing that we can probably trim off.

from a mastering perspective, i think this is really solid. the hats only being in the right ear is a little weird, but overall i love the sound and the body of it. there's not much in the low mids except the bass synth leaving it with a bit of a hole there to my ears, but i didn't mind it too much. the track sounds great and consistent across the board.

excellent work. i liked it a lot.




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  • prophetik music changed the title to 2021/03/13 - (2Y) Life Force "Vic Viper Serum"

The soundscape's needlessly washed out in places (e.g. guitars at :48, piano at 4:16), but I could generally make out distinct elements enough. Super creative handling of the arrangement; Riad & Anthony constantly invoke different elements of the source tune melody with different instrumentation, some lines more prominent, others more understated, plus you have lots of textural changes to create dynamics within a baseline level of high octane energy. The ending cuts off abruptly, but that can be fixed with a fade. Short and sweet, a strong and distinct take that even stands apart from other pro and hobbyist rock takes of this great theme!


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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2021/03/13 - (3Y) Life Force "Vic Viper Serum"
  • 4 weeks later...

Unsettling chords for that intro, I like it.  Actually, that tense feeling is all over this track, in varying doses, this track definitely has its own identity so from that standpoint it's a win here.  Arrangement-wise I love what you did here, expanding the original phrases, sometimes overlapping them in chaotic ways that work in the context of the track's progression(i.e. around 3:16).  There's a lot of attention to detail here and nothing is on autopilot.  Lots of care went into the structure I feel, because it jumps around from breaks and intense sections as needed and not in a typical A-B-A fashion.

If I had any nitpicks, would be for the drums which feel slightly weak for what the arrangement requires in some spots but really nothing that takes away from the whole.  This is excellent, and I hope to see it soon in the front page.  Loved it.


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  • Liontamer changed the title to (2021/03/13) *YES - TAG* Life Force "Vic Viper Serum"
  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR04336 - *YES* Life Force "Vic Viper Serum"
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