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Remembering DJ Redlight (Ashley Carr)

The Orichalcon

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Hi everyone,

I haven't been here for a while. I only recently found out about DJ Redlight (Ashley Carr) passing away in 2016. Some people might remember his remixes on here and his original music and have a special place in their memories for him.

Ashley lived in Perth, Western Australia, which also happens to be where I live. So I took a trip today to the Memorial Park where he is buried and photographed his memorial plaque. I played some of his music at the site as well and sat with him for a bit.

If you aren't familiar with Ashley or his music, I recommend visiting his website https://www.djredlight.com and OC ReMix profile https://ocremix.org/artist/4593/dj-redlight and having a listen. He was a talented artist and it really sucks that he died so young.

If anyone would like to see his final resting spot, his profile is here along with the photograph I took.

Rest in Peace, Ashley Carr.

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Thanks a lot for posting this, Lee. He was extremely talented and I felt lucky getting to listen to and enjoy his music over the years. Like others from the community who have passed, I only wish they had the chance to share more of their talents with the world, but I'm appreciative for what we got to hear.

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