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*NO* Splatoon 2 "Exodus (The Endless Harvest)"


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I'm submitting my track: "Exodus (The Endless Harvest)" for your consideration.
  • Game arranged: Splatoon 2
  • Name of arrangement: Exodus (The Endless Harvest)
  • Individual songs arranged: Deluge Dirge & Frantic Aspic
  • Composer: Ryo Nagamatsu
  • System: Nintendo Switch
  • Soundtrack: Splatune 2
  • Comments: 

    This is a song that combines Deluge Dirge & Frantic Aspic, two songs that play during the Salmon Run game mode in Splatoon 2. I really like the twisted, off-kilter, odd-time songs in Salmon Run and wanted to translate them to a metal context.

    The song begins with a dark interpretation of the 'melody' in Frantic Aspic before transitioning to some connecting riffs and the main riff from Deluge Dirge. I actually got one of the riffs wrong when transcribing, but the wrong riff became a good companion to a more accurate one.

    I had some trouble with knowing what to do with some of the strange chords and drawn out notes of Deluge Dirge. I turned them into an atmospheric break section with lots of whammy bar work that reminded me of the foghorns in Salmon Run.

    The title is a reference to how Metallica and Megadeth named some of their songs in the 80s - the guitar and drums are heavily inspired by those bands. "Endless Harvest" refers to the constant business Grizzco Industries gets, how the hunt for salmon eggs never ends..
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- Peter


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Kind of wild how many times I've heard this music and never really "heard" anything past the first part.  Salmon Run clearly leaves no room in my brain for anything but "AAAAH!"

Crazy, however, is one word that does not describe this remix.  It's very repetitive. Most of it consists of short loops of a simple phrase repeated several times.  The most problematic is 0:42-2:35, which is nearly two minutes of just a few measures repeated over and over; 3:46-4:21 reprises even more of that same section, then it repeats the beginning again.  I'm afraid this comes across as a 2 minute arrangement stretched out to over 5.

The performance chops are certainly there, production seems fine to me for the genre, and it's a solid genre conversion of the source material.  It just needs to introduce new material or interpretations more often, or else be drastically shortened.


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  • MindWanderer changed the title to 2021/09/20 - (1N) Splatoon 2 "Exodus (The Endless Harvest)"

Wow, these sources are pretty out there! Awesome job on converting them into a metal genre. Those riffs you've interpreted sound great, and I like how it jumps between time signatures throughout the piece. The hard-panned mini-breaks were tastefully done and not overused.

MindWanderer does have a point about the arrangement, mind you - there's a lot of repeated material, an ending that's the beginning, and it fades out to finish, as if you ran out of steam. Don't be disheartened though, this is a solid foundation and with some reworking, it'll be even better. There are lots of really cool parts to this - the chunky riffs, the whammy break, and the distorted bass at 3:36 to name a few - but they're diluted by the long runtime.

Trim some of the fat, try and come up with a better ending, and I'd love to hear this one again.

NO (resubmit)

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  • DarkSim changed the title to 2021/09/20 - (2N) Splatoon 2 "Exodus (The Endless Harvest)"

These are two interesting sources indeed, I had not heard them before.  I love the metal concept for the remix.  But I have to agree with my fellow J's that this arrangement comes across as extremely repetitive.  The same phrases are repeated over and over, and the entire arrangement sounds like a backing track for lead writing that never shows up (what about adding a solo somewhere?).  The mixing sounds generally good, although the kick and snare are mostly buried.  The piece begins in an energetic gear and stays there for the entirety of the arrangement; a quieter/calmer breakdown near the middle would break it up nicely.  I could already see that this track would have no dynamics looking at the waveform which is a consistent sausage.  Fadeout endings, while not technically an OCR dealbreaker, are such a disappointment for me as they seem to say the artist lost interest in finishing the track. What's here sounds quite good, production and performance-wise, but needs direction, trimming, and possibly some lead work in order to maintain the listener's interest.


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  • Chimpazilla changed the title to 2021/09/20 - (3N) Splatoon 2 "Exodus (The Endless Harvest)"
  • Liontamer changed the title to *NO* Splatoon 2 "Exodus (The Endless Harvest)"
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