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*NO* Punch-Out!! "The Good, the Bad, and the Punched in the Face"


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ReMixer name: AlexRiordan

Real name: Alex Riordan 
UserID: 37814
Name of game arranged: Punch-Out!!

Name of arrangement: The Good, the Bad, and the Punched in the Face

Name of individual song arranged: Main Theme (aka Fight Theme)
Composers: Akito Nakatsuka, Kenji Yamamoto, Yukio Kaneoka
System: NES
Comments: A spaghetti-western remix of the Punch-Out Fight Theme, commissioned by a friend Jack.

The piece has three parts that blend into each other, which reflect different aspects of spaghetti-western atmosphere: isolation in the vast desert, beauty and purpose, and fight/horse chase. Each of these tempos corresponds to a horse gait: walk, trot, and gallop.

Some original composed parts were added to the piece.

Thanks very much for your consideration, 
Alex Riordan



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Wow those first two minutes are LONG.  I'm at 2:30 and the track is just barely getting going and peak volume is still -9db.  At 2:45, things are changing but it still feels like a ramp-up.  Ok, now at 3:08 there's finally what I would call a "drop" but the textures are so thin and anemic. The brass sounds weak and terrible and so do the drums which are also written extremely simply.  The writing is verbatim to source, no source issues here.  It's a very interesting concept to arrange this theme into a spaghetti western, but there's just way too little going on in the first three minutes, and the production overall needs serious work.  This mix might be a lot of fun with ambience going on in the background, such as sounds of a western town, people talking, whiskey bottles clanking, and horses walking and snorting.  But for this to work, the instrumental production needs to improve by a significant amount.


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  • Chimpazilla changed the title to 2021/10/31 - (1N) Punch-Out!! "The Good, the Bad, and the Punched in the Face"

I love the idea of remixing this source into a Western style. It fits really well! I like your approach to the storytelling as well - having 3 sections for the walk/trot/gallop is an interesting way to spin it. That intro kinda reminds me of the Borderlands 2 intro, a song 'Short Change Hero' by The Heavy. However...

The major drawback of using such a sparse approach to the first section is that your 'lone cowboy' has to grab (and keep) all our attention with his guitar, and the samples just aren't close to cutting it as it stands. Added to that, it's a minute and a half before any accompaniment comes in, so that guitar has to be flawless. I'd suggest getting either better samples, or ideally a collaborator if you were thinking about reworking this one. Chimpazilla makes a good point that you could use other atmospheric sounds to fill out the space and leave the guitar less exposed. You can still achieve the feeling of loneliness with other instruments/effects, if handled well. Have a listen to the full version of Short Change Hero - the intro is at a slower tempo (same as your track) and evokes a lonely hero walking into a town on a stormy night.

Once the other instruments do come in, the atmosphere really starts getting going. The whistling probably adds the most drama, but the other samples again are lacking in quality/attention to detail. The snare sounds particularly exposed, and the choir sounds very unnatural with that portamento effect at the beginning of the notes.

For the 'gallop' section, the brass needs a major upgrade, as does the percussion, but there are some moments of drama in the arrangement which I enjoyed.

Overall mastering is very quiet, although the instrumentation would need a significant upgrade before any remastering work, if this were to get a pass from me. Some great ideas, but execution isn't there yet. Keep at it!


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