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OverClocked ReMix Tetris Attack tournament


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Okay, I'm going to lead this thing. Here are the rules:

1) To join, post in this thread. You have until midnight EST on Tuesday, January 16th, 2007. If you decide to drop out before then, you may, just PM me and I can remove your name from the list.

2) I'll put all entrants into a single-elimination bracket. Positions will be decided randomly. In the occurrence of an odd number of participants, the last person to be (randomly) decided will be given a bye for the first round. You will be notified by PM who your opponent is, and when I get a bracket drawn out, it will be posted in this thread. Once a match has been decided, I will notify both participants of the next round.

3) You will have three weeks to organize your game with your opponent. We will be using the SNES version of Tetris Attack, so how you organize your game is up to you, as long as it gets done. Wins will be based on a Vs. best of five points match. (In other words, there's no need to play anymore once one person has reached three points.) I would appreciate no last minute results, as the sooner people get their match on, the sooner I can figure up winners. Times for each round will be decided depending on number of entrants. If the match is not decided by the alotted time, then both people forfeit. If one person in the group is being deadbeat about it, notify me, and I'll see what I can do.

4) When an outcome to a match is decided, both people must PM me with the results. That way, I can verify that both people gave me the same result. (I'll have the bracket, so I'll know who plays who.) I'll update the bracket accordingly. Oh, also, a person may forfeit. In this case, only the person forfeiting has to PM me.

5) Winner of this tournament will be allowed to choose a game for next month's tournament, as we are hoping this can be a continuous event. More details when it comes to that. As for other prizes, I really have nothing except bragging rights. Maybe if a successful sig maker could whip up something cool *hinthint,sigmakers!*, but don't plan on that.

If you have any questions, or feel I left something out, feel free to PM me, and I'll clarify things! And hopefully this will work out, and be a fun event. Best of luck!


First, you need a netplay-enabled emulator (I suggest the latest version of ZSNES, link provided in Links below) and Hamachi (ditto on the link). ZSNES comes in its own package, so just download and extract from the ZIP. As for Hamachi, you'll need to install it. Once installed and configured, click on the Join Network button and join network "OCR Tournaments" and password "ocremix", both without the quotes. (I would appreciate that you do not join the network unless you are ACTUALLY in the tournament.) Once connected to Hamachi, you will have a special network IP. Open ZSNES, and click on NETPLAY, then on INTERNET. It will ask you to either start a server or connect to server. You can work this out amongst yourselves, because it really doesn't matter who does who, just be sure to give the other person your Hamachi IP. Once connected to each other, you'll have to both load the same ROM file (or compatible, they have to be the same type). One person can send a copy of the file to the other person, if necessary. After this, the game should start, and you can both play!



There is apparently a new version of ZSNES out, v1.50. v1.50 has no netplay, so you will need to use v1.42.

1.42 (Windows):


1.42 (Mac):




As for the ROM, we're not allowed to link to it, so you'll have to obtain it on your own.

Participants so far:






Xerol Oplan

Geoffrey Taucer

Psychotic Ninja







Arek the Absolute




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Can anyone help me get 1.42 working in Ubuntu? I'm on AIM for another hour or so.

I don't know anything about Linux, so I can't help you, sorry. Hopefully someone else can...


I haven't added you to the list yet. When you get things working, let me know and I'll add you.

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I want in on this. I just need to get used to playing this game with something other than an SNES pad.

Added, and you can do what I did, if you can spare it, which is pick up some sort of USB controller. I use a wired XBox 360 controller, myself. $30 at GameStop.

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Added, and you can do what I did, if you can spare it, which is pick up some sort of USB controller. I use a wired XBox 360 controller, myself. $30 at GameStop.

I do have a USB gamepad, I just play a lot faster and better with the original SNES pad, so I'll be practicing a little this week.

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I get errors when trying to build it under both "methods" I came across.

xerol@xerol-laptop:~/apps/zsnes_1_42/src$ ./configure --enable-release
checking build system type... configure: error: cannot guess build type; you must specify one
xerol@xerol-laptop:~/apps/zsnes_1_42/src$ sh ./autogen.sh && gmake && gmake install
Generating build information using aclocal and autoconf...
./autogen.sh: line 6: aclocal: command not found
checking build system type... configure: error: cannot guess build type; you must specify one

The first came from a FAQ and the second from the actual documentation. I can't seem to find this "aclocal" anywhere.

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If you can give me instructions on how to hook a SNES control up to my comp, I'll do it. I imagine some manner of USB device must exist that would do it, but I don't know what that would be or where to get it.

I'm not sure if you're OK with using a PSX/PS2 controller, but I got a USB adapter for one at Radioshack for $10 and it works quite nicely.

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