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OCR04435 - *YES* Super Mario Bros 3. "IsseLand" *PRIORITY*


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Contact Information
  • Your ReMixer name : Rockos
  • Your real name : Roch Côté
  • Your email address : 
  • Your website : None
  • Your userid (number, not name) on our forums : 44017

Submission Information

  • Name of game(s) arranged : Super Mario Bros. 3
  • Name of individual song(s) arranged : World 6 Map Theme
  • Name of the remix : IsseLand
  • Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc. :
  I did as quick and fast as I could to pump a remix from an actual Mario game for the Mario movie month. Rough on the edge as I had to work fast but very fun mix.
  Sad tho that I just read the comment for the DKC 2 mix I sent earlier. I could use more of those comments. Thanks again for taking the time Judge our stuff.
  Hope you enjoy this fast Drum & Bass with guitars. Some FX added for the ear to chew on the candies ?
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Nice stuff! Some of the permutations of the Ice Land theme got too loose for me to enjoy, but when I timed it all out, there was no issue at all with source dominance, and I definitely appreciated the theme treatment overall.

Very cool subtleties to the instrumentation in the buildup to the melody at :44; great percussion and swirling lines with nice depth that made things feel alive.

On the mixing side, no dealbreakers; the beats overpower things, and the leads from :44-1:50 are shrill, albeit not in a way that's dealbreaking, just noticeable.

Subtle buildup of the chord progression of the World 5 Sky/Clouds theme at 1:50 & 2:01 before the theme explicitly cameoed from 2:13-2:23; very nice touch.

The DnB elements were solid, and I think the overall presentation's helped by the source tune being so limited; Roch really had to go through lots of permutations to keep it fresh, and that helped the overall track stay fluid. Even when the beats were coasting, the textures would change around. Interesting example of having subtle dynamic contrast within some high octane energy levels. Diggin' it! :-)


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Trance of a short theme is always tricky to not sound repetitive, but on the other hand, trance is probably the easiest way to make a short theme not sound repetitive! And this does a great job of it, really taking that simple arpeggio and adding textures and layers like crazy. I never lost sight of the source tune, even when it was being riffed on like crazy; source usage is at something like 90%. Though I'm not sure the Clouds theme similarity is intentional, they just have the same chord progression.

Production is great. Growly bass, rich drums, full soundscape.

Nicely done all around. Let's get this posted.


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  • MindWanderer changed the title to 2023/04/20 - (2Y) Super Mario Bros 3. "IsseLand"

The source is a very short loop of 2 arpeggiated chords, which has been expanded on here to create some thick textures and a heavy-hitting sound. It does enough to stay interesting throughout, with plenty of different synths and effects keeping things fresh. There's some tasteful filtering and a break in the middle, even the odd transitional chord at the end of a sequence to prevent things getting too predictable.

The only thing I'd say about this one is the source isn't really a melody per se, and in an ideal world I think writing an original melody, or even just a solo, to throw in there as a high point of the track would have been awesome. Something catchy to hang the rest of the track on. It's definitely a fun listen though, and does a lot with not much source to work with.


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