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Newer Super Mario Bros. Wii - Space (Metris Remix)

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Not sure if it is possible to post this remix here because it's a fan game, but might as well. Loved giving the original a new nature-esque coat of paint, as well as making it feel more complete (with a constructive beginning and end - sort of an adventure in a way). Probably my favourite remix produced so far.

Thx in advance to whoever listens. Kindest regards,



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Just an FYI, from our Submissions Standards:



We mention that games/music eligibility is at our discretion. Currently, OCR won't accept any arrangements of original music created for unlicensed fan-games. As far as the Workshop goes, we're of course always happy to give arrangement/production feedback regardless, as that's what this forum is for. But sending in stuff from unlicensed fan-games, we're never gonna post that stuff.

I could only see that happening if a company retroactively published a fan game and thus made it official. For example, if Sega published the fan-game Streets of Rage Remake, THEN any original tracks from it would be eligible to be arranged for OCR. Just making that clear so that you don't set yourself up for any disappoint on that level.

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