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OMG i finished sumthing!!

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Has a really interesting harmony to it - it's like it's not constrained to any traditional flow, but it still works, y'know?

Good luck getting over the last 5% of polish, it sounds cool.

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thanks gario. well, to me it's kinda pop electro with some EDM bits and Acid freakouts interspersed. idk if that's non-traditional, but it was different enough for me to stay interested and keep working on it.

i'm glad you think it works, anyhow.

the greatest revelation for me in connection to this tune was how groovy 707 drums sound, with minimal mixing. i think i'll be using those more down the road.

the ending is the weakest link to me. i love the 4:07 freakout bit, and the guitar stuff is ok, but a) i would've liked to record some actual guitar, but got frustrated with my super rusty playing, and b) i think the tune deserves a more drawn out climax, and the fadeout is just not that interesting.

what i needed to know is that i can still write stuff that keeps my interest, without exactly reinventing the wheel. i really needed that, man. and now i gotta start on the next tune soon, to know i can repeat it. :)

i'm wishing for like an album's worth of tunes this year, to listen to while going for walks or travelling. really miss that feeling.

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