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*NO* Nintendo World Cup "The Most Beautiful Goal"


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  • Name of game(s) arranged - Nintendo World Cup
  • Name of arrangement - The Most Beautiful Goal
  • Name of individual song(s) arranged - Versus Match
  • Your own comments about the mix, for example the inspiration behind it, how it was made, etc.

    Just another old PsyNES remix updated :)

    Originally this remix project started in August 2012 I think, at least that's what the date of PsyNES_-_NWC_wip_0.3.mp3 file is. 😄 
    It's been improved a lot from that, and the version you can find from my Soundcloud is also 2012 it seems! Holy sh*t time goes fast, too fast. 
    Like always, I've made this with Renoise and a bunch of VST plugins, enjoy the happy happy candy psytrance'ish remix! 

    Cheers! Much love to everyone at OCReMix, glad you guys are still around, the staff and the users ❤

    - Jari
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This certainly comes across as an older effort, right off the bat. Not only is the synth choice pretty vanilla, but... well, frankly, it's a little messy.

There's an immediate wall of sound, with really loud sweeps and kicks and quiet leads. This gets better at times, but worse at others: take a listen at 2:11 for a bit where the lead is nearly inaudible among a wash of arps, kicks, and even a triangle wave that's trying to act like a bass but is squarely in the trebel range.

I also caught what sounded to me like severely clashing notes at 1:03.

Otherwise, it's a fun arrangement, with an infectious four-on-the-floor beat and a lot of twists and turns to hold the listener's interest. Just needs to have the production cleaned up.



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  • MindWanderer changed the title to 2023/03/28 - (1N) Nintendo World Cup "The Most Beautiful Goal"

Arrangement-wise, it's melodically conservative and stays with a chiptune style, but beats and other surrounding instrumentation are plenty expansive enough, so it's a solid sound upgrade and golden on that front.

The clashing notes thing MW mentioned from 1:02-1:03 was caused by a sound effect; wasn't a big deal to me just because it was so brief/fleeting, but it indeed clashed.

I see why MW was saying that it's a messier sound; taking :44-1:40 as an example, there's a ton of bouncing around the stereo field, and there's lots of shrill moments with the sounds that should be toned down.

2:07-2:21's another example of how the soundscape's all over the place. There's probably selective EQing of the parts that should be happening to give the instrumentation more breathing room. Unsure if any mixing revisions are still doable given the age of the track, but it sounds like Jari had made some adjustments before submitting this.

I apologize for being unable to give you targeted production advice here, Jari. I'd actually love to hear Gario's take, because he's been very successful with very busy, high-energy arrangements (e.g. Castlevania: Bloodlines "Satanic Spire") that nonetheless don't sound unwieldy like this. The arrangement side is good, now it's just a matter of reining in the mixing.

If you resubmit this, we'll make sure to expedite it, and also be communicative much more quickly to you on any issues if it somehow splits the panel.

NO (resubmit)

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  • Liontamer changed the title to 2023/03/28 - (2N) Nintendo World Cup "The Most Beautiful Goal"

Oh shit it's a PsyNES arrangement, haven't had my hands on one of these in a while. I can certainly hear some of that signature psytrance style in this, but it's definitely an older track of yours. Not bad at all, can just tell your style evolved since this one hit the shelves.

Anyway, keeping it short, the arrangement sounds good save for the clashing that MW pointed out. I agree with him, the SFX sound too close to notes so it just sounds like wrong notes slamming the listened, so it'd be best to just remove it or replace it with a more tonally neutral SFX. It's a simple arrangement, but we don't need every OCR post to be incredibly interpretive, the style and presentation is good enough for that.

The production is... well, it's loud, and it's got a lot of post production on it that's causing issues down the road. When things are simple (kick, lead, arp, bass) the loud mastering + limiters sound great, and they only get better when there is even less (like at 1:45 when it's just kick and bass), but the moment the soundscape sounds more complex or instruments start sharing the same EQ range like the texture and lead at 2:08 there just isn't any room for you to make space.

If you need to bring all that post production into play to many the sound nice and fat I understand, but you also have to work knowing that everything is going to be deeply compressed at the end. If you have a lead you want people to follow you need to make sure textures or overtones from other instruments or the bass don't take up the same EQ range, or else it'll be hell to be able to parse the lead. Most of the track gets away with the post production because the lead is more complex so it can bleed through, but at 2:08 it's a bad combination of a less complex / less overtone-rich synth (basically a square) in the same range as the texture, so it becomes hard to hear that lead through the textures.

You'll need to fine tune your mix at moments where your lead is drown by similar ranged textures or put that lead or texture in a different register. Heck, a less busy texture would also help; that arp is basically used throughout the arrangement so it could use a little variety anyway.

But yeah, from 2:08 - 2:52 and 3:05 - 3:33 the arrangement doesn't have any clarity, and those SFX at 1:03 don't work well. Either look to see if the post production loudness is necessary, or remix (not ReMix, haha) the arrangement in the areas that are causing issues so that there is better clarity in the arrangement. Wish I could give more pointed advice, but it's an issue with many different solutions that would impact the arrangement differently so I hope you find the one that is right for your arrangement.


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  • Liontamer changed the title to *NO* Nintendo World Cup "The Most Beautiful Goal"
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