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OCR04630 - *YES* Final Fantasy Tactics "Antipyretic for Your Precipitous Apoplexy"


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ReMixer name: jnWake, minusworld.
Name of game(s) arranged: Final Fantasy Tactics.
Name of arrangement: Antipyretic for your Precipitous Apoplexy.
Name of individual song(s) arranged: Antipyretic, Apoplexy, Battle on the Bridge (names taken from the OCR site https://ocremix.org/game/279/final-fantasy-tactics-ps1).

Link to arrangement:  .
Yet more stuff from Dwelling of Duels! This one's my entry for August 2023's Sakimoto month where me and minus got the gold medal ?
Sakimoto month was about picking songs composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto. Somehow, I had never played any game composed by him so choosing sources was a bit challenging, but a couple listens to the FFT OST (and a thorough check of the composing credits) was enough for me to pick a few tracks and I started writing a mini-medley of them. The title of the remix is a reference to the 3 sources selected ("Battle on the Bridge" is called "Precipitous Combat" in the official OST on vgmdb).
Anyway, for this track I experimented with adding an orchestra into my usual prog. metal affairs and I think it worked out well. It was pretty challenging to write the arrangement (and my computer struggled with the samples...) but it was worth it in the end.
For this track I collabed with minusworld for the second time. Like last time, he played rhytm and lead guitars plus bass. Real playing always adds a lot to these tracks, especially to leads. I particularly love the guitar solo he came up with!
Source usage!
00:00-00:37: This is based on the intro of Antipyretic (piano is doing a modified version of the "arpeggio" the strings play there). The 2 chords (G# and B diminished) are a small alteration of chords that play in the intro to Antipyretic (at the end of each "phrase").
00:37- : Still based on the intro of Antipyretic...
00:58-1:10: Guitar riff and melodies taken from Battle on the Bridge.
1:10-1:16: The previously mentioned chords return!
1:16-1:40: This section mixes a ton of stuff... The main melody is in both Battle on the Bridge and Antipyretic while the backing takes from both sources as well (piano from Antipyretic, rhytm from Battle on the Bridge). Violin/Flute arpeggios are from Battle on the Bridge.
1:41-1:55: More of those arpeggios, now on guitar/synths.
1:55-2:25: 2 takes (one metal, one orchestra) of a melody from Antipyretic.
2:25-2:31: Horn section based on a part of Apoplexy. I like to imagine this represents the enemy forces get reinforcements or something like that.
2:31-2:59: Rhytm guitar and strings play a melody from Apoplexy.
2:59-3:13: Based on Apoplexy again, both chord progression and melody.
3:13-3:37: Melody from 1:16 returns, now over a different chord progression.
3:37-4:01: Apoplexy melody from 2:59 returns, over a more "epic" chord progression.
4:01-4:26: Guitar solo! Same backing from 1:16 section.
4:26-4:50: Synths and brass play a riff from Battle on the Bridge, with piano doing the Antipyretic "arpeggio" from the intro.
4:50-5:07: The chord progression from the intro returns once again. I like that it sounds pretty dramatic by the end.
5:07-5:22: Outro! Piano part is actually based on yet another track from the OST ("Shock!!~Despair"), but it was a very small quote so I didn't feel like adding it to the list. I believe it's also featured as the Game Over theme so it was a fitting end.
Hope you like it!
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intro is so meaty, i love it. this opening section is super metal-cinematic, like what you hear in The Astonishing or something. the section at 0:37 is a clever take on the antipyretic intro, same with the how you brought in battle on the bridge at 0:58. lead guitar work at like 1:30 is great.

1:55 brings back the antipyretic theme, but i like the reptition you use to reinforce some of the more fun rising elements of the theme. the horns at 2:25 are pretty obviously synthy, but i feel like that was at least partially intended.

the 2:59 groove is probably my favorite in the track. the shift at 3:13 right after is super significant, though. i don't mind at all what's happening but the lack of prep for that shift makes it feel more like an overture to a prog album than a cohesive whole.

4:01's guitar solo is dope as expected. the first main descending riff is so good, same as 4:16 through 4:26. 4:35ish, the continued more desperate vibe of this section is really exciting and a good progression towards the ending, and the build and sustain at 5:03 is perfect. outro is pretty fast for such an epic track, but overall fine.

easy to see why this won a gold medal. FFT has some excellent tracks (for such a long soundtrack, too) and this really highlights some of the excellent themes that sakamoto wrote for it. excellent work.




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I miss this game. The soundtrack never grabbed me at the time, but it's so nostalgic.

I do think some of the synths are overused and a little vanilla (e.g. 2:08-2:25), especially justaposed against the excellent guitar and violin, and those fake instruments, especially the trombones, aren't doing this any favors. Fortunately, they're clearly making no effort to pretend to be real.

Otherwise, this is fantastic. So much fun, such a dynamic arrangement, and fantastic performances. Great stuff.


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Okay, this is just an awesome track. The samples hurt the track when they're exposed, but dayum does the metal carry this through. I don't mind the simple synths nearly as much, they compliment the arrangement well enough. As for the arrangement, everything is recognizeable, and because the sources all tend to compliment each other with similar motifs and the like it all ties together as a cohesive arrangement very well.

Basically just signing off on this one, because of course it's good enough for a front page post, who are we kidding?


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