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OCR04635 - *YES* Turok: Dinosaur Hunter "Catacumbas Subterraneas"


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  • Your ReMixer name: ThePlasmas
  • Your real name: Mauricio Castro
  • Your email address: 
  • Your website(s):  https://linktr.ee/theplasmasvgm
  • Your userid: 30081
  • Name of game(s) arranged: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
  • Name of arrangement: Catacumbas Subterraneas
  • Name of individual song(s) arranged: In The Catacombs
  • Additional information about the game: Darren Mitchell, N64.
  • Link to the original soundtrack: 
  • Your own comments about the mix: I spent too much time playing this in my childhood, so that's why I needed to record a version of this song, in my style, adding melodies, powerful guitars and trying to keep the atmosphere the fifth level had. This song was recorded to participate in the "Summer of 64" event produced by GameGrooves, available here: https://theplasmasvgm.bandcamp.com/album/64-ways-to-die
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original has a chord progression and not a ton else.

intro has a similar energy and quickly builds into a bigger rock approach than the original. bass is present but hard to hear under everything else. there's a bit of a break right away for the drum riffs but then it's back to a guitar-led approach. the sustains in the lead guitar that start at 1:16 are similar to the stuff being played in the original, but quickly shift to doing their own thing, and then at 1:50 they switch to the riff in the original (1:17 in YT video) that drops off at 2:17.

2:33 is similar to about 1:49 in the original. the track grooves through a few different iterations of the original tom riff before getting lead guitars again at 3:30 for a solo part and then some harmonized riffs. 4:40 the track drops off a lot, and adds some sfx and pads - this is the  section that is most reminiscent of the original. this grinds through a few measures and then fades out.

overall, this is mastered fairly well. the bass isn't very present, but the mix never gets muddy or hard to hear what's going on, and the lead parts are handled well. everything is performed at a consistent level. the leads get a little too loud occasionally but that'd be my main critique there.

this is not an easy original to remix, in my opinion. there's not a ton of melodic content and it mostly relies on percussive elements to give it the vibe. i think this remix is a pretty good adaptation of the original. it's recognizable and approachable, it's fun to listen to, and it sounds pretty good from a mastering perspective. nice work.




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As proph said, there's not a whole lot to this original, so it presents a challenge to remix. And I think that challenge was easily met. The remix expands on it in multiple ways, adding instrumentation, breaks, additive and subtractive sections, and just generally turning out a solid piece of music. Production and performances are up to The Plasma's usual high standards. Lots to like here.


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I'm impressed how you've managed to flesh out the source so well with a melody that, listening to the source afterwards, I could hear in my head. It feels like a very natural expansion on the theme, and works perfectly in the rock/metal style.

Mixing is decent, the rhythm guitars have a nice chunky feel to them, and the shrill, distorted lead has been given some generous reverb so that it's not too grating. The drumkit lacks a little humanisation, but it's sequenced very well with lots of variety.

Arrangement works well, there are sufficient breaks and energetic sections, and I like that outro a lot - an idea perhaps tacked onto the end that you came up with too late to work it in earlier. Could have made a moody breakdown section, or even an intro, but it works as an ending as well.


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