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C418 - Sweden (Metris Remix)

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Been working on a Deep Trance remix for Sweden over the past couple of days. Whilst keeping to the calming feel of the original, I wanted to give it more of a euphoric execution with the sounds present. Obviously, it won't compare to the original (masterpiece), but I like the progress so far. The general structure is complete, but probably adding more background layers to the chords and percussion (along with mixing) is my next aim for the track.

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So I like the general vibe of this a lot, but I've got a few issues:

  • I think the alernating clap and snare is throwing me off. It took me a while to get used to the on-off-off-on over and over again, but I feel like I can't just vibe to this; its a little distracting. Maybe this is a genre-staple I'm not aware of??
  • The bulk of this track is dominated by this unchanging synth line on top of everything. It doesn't stick out from a mixing perspective but it's just there and doesn't really change all that much. Feels like the focal point when the source really should be instead.
  • Speaking of the source, it kind of gets drowned in reverb and there's some melodic stuff happening that just blends into mush at the end. I'd love for the source to come forward a bit at take center stage.

Nice work, will keep an eye out for this one.

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It's an interesting take, for sure.

Your synth ostinato starting at about 0:16 could use some more sonic variation besides the filter swell -- consider changing the ostinato's contour. Breaking up the continuous pattern will keep the line interesting while also preventing it from upstaging the melody line.

Also, the piano is quite muddy due to the lack of presence and the abundance of reverb; when it gets to play the melody line, it's hard to make it out over the rest of the soundscape, which contributes to DS's point about the synth feeling like the focal point. With all that being said, I do like the variations in your percussion and effects.

Keep up the good work on this one!

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The synth ostinato repeating for a long time without much of a break from it is rather tiresome, it doesn't feel like it should be the main focus of the piece.  I do like pattern it plays and the timbre isn't bad, but a break or a small variation in it would do wonders on a long 5 min+ piece.  I'm hearing tiny variation in the second repeat after 3:15, especially in the piano.  I'd like to see those variations more as a focal point and some dynamic changes as well.

The vibe is cool, and I could enjoy this while getting work done.

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