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OCR04626 - Sonic & Knuckles "Ghost Touch"

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I debated whether or not I should comment on my own remixes, but I sought out to comment on EVERY remix and so that includes my own.  I am my own worst critic anyways, so if there are any remixes that deserve a kind word from me it's... me, especially after taking such a long break of submitting OCR's (Or making music in general.)

This remix isn't my best work, but it is solid.  The only reference speakers I had for this remix was my car, so I think this remix sounds pretty good in a 2013 Honda Civic with factory audio equipment.  I mostly just really really wanted to showcase how ridiculously good the bassline is in the original song cuz GAT dang!

Side note: I take slight Umbridge in the idea that "Spooky Sandopolis" is unexpected, because if you think about the pyramid/tomb section of act 2, it is drenched in spooky.  Ghosts of who/whatever was buried in those tombs slowly start appearing, harmless appearing at first, but if you don't keep hitting those light switches, your surroundings get darker...and darker... and those ghosts start to morph and eventually start to attack you. ?

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