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sonic 2 (MS/GG) - undaground!!

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whew. i've been working on this for a while. much harder than the sonic mix from last month.

i had to pick something for my 2nd remix attempt that's somewhat beyond my current skill level. not that i HAD to but i did. maybe i work that way. i can't remember. ;)


where i'm doing music rn, there's this nasty resonance in the room and furniture and stuff whenever i play a low C. mix sounds pretty good to me on headphones, but i can't trust the speakers too much. so tell me about the sound if you can. i'm inexperienced with the harder rock mixing stuff, still.

but pretty damn psyched where this could go!! this might be my fav tune from any sonic game, period! and i've found it notoriously hard to arrange well (tried several times over the last 20 years!)

give the OG a listen; to me it's one of the best 8bit tunes out there. listen to the transposition +3 semitones at 0:38; i love that part. it works so effort- and seamlessly in 8bit, but i found it really hard to do well in an arrangement.

because i couldn't get it right, i used the stage intro jingle that sonic 2 has to segueway into it, at 2:10 in my remix (same thing the mix intros with. probly gonna change the intro.)


anyway....i think i'm halfway there roundabouts...


might be a lotta work still or very little, can't say. also depends on how crazy the finale is gonna be. the stuff 2:10 onwards basically feels more like finale already, so maybe i will re-use it later on and go a little lower energy before.


as i said, beyond my current level, so i'm trial&error-patchworking a lot. tell me what you think. too disjointed??


<3 nase!! (i am psyched ;D)

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Posted (edited)

hm, lotsa bots frequenting OCR these days huh? the thread view has gone to over 300, but only 23 soundcloud listens.

any opinions? i've found that i'll ditch or re-write the intro (less metal from the start).

it's gotta be 4:30 or 5 minutes long in the end...still some work. kinda worn out on it now, but i'll pick it back up. i hope :)

i think there's high potential to do more interesting funk/metal fusion stuff.

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On 5/14/2024 at 6:35 PM, pixelseph said:

Hi Nase!

My time to review the workshop is getting strangled by work this week but I will be popping in to give some more comments soon!

hi pixelseph!

to spare you some work: listening to this on my good speakers (back home from vacation), i can see it's pretty jarring.

i like this one for its creative choices, but the mix ain't there yet, and the arrangement is also gonna be some work.

so don't worry, i don't need detailed feedback regarding mixing because i can hear it myself now.


yeah but the potential is there. what an awesome source as well!

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