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OCR01581 - *YES* Final Fantasy 5 & Legend of Zelda 3 'Dark Butz'


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Cool - LT

ReMixer name: AeroZ

Real Name: Sebastian Freij

E-mail: sebastian_freij@hotmail.com

Website: www.myspace.com/freijman

Name of The Remix: Dark Butz

Game Remixed: Final Fantasy 5 & Zelda: Link To A Past

Song Remixed: Final Fantasy 5 - Ahead On Our Way / Zelda: Link To A Past - Dark World Theme

Own Comments:

Well... I don't where I got the idéa from at the first place.

Was just playing around with the "Dark World" chords and had just been listening to some FF5 tracks and I just went: "Wait a minute... what if.." and the result is this.

Best Wishes



http://snesmusic.org/v2/download.php?spcNow=loz3 - "Dark World" (loz3-12.spc)

http://snesmusic.org/v2/download.php?spcNow=ff5 - "Ahead on Our Way" (ff5-1-01.spc)

I wasn't sure we'd hear from AeroZ again, only because on VGDJ it seemed like he was contented about being able to put forth a serious effort with his successful resub of Mega Man 2 "Too Hot for Heat Man". You know, "nothing left to prove", so-to-speak. I'm definitely glad Sebastian chose not to be a one-hit wonder around here.

This one's got plenty of the yummy chiptune-style spices that I know and love, plus it's tackling FF5, which normally gets no love?!? Awesome cameos of the "Dark World" theme, meshing very nicely with "Ahead on Our Way". The interpretation of "Ahead" at 1:52 was sweeeeet.

Wish you didn't repeat :19's section so closely at 3:20, but it's a minor criticism given how dynamic and evolving the remainder of the arrangement was. Bro, you got some awesome arrangement ideas, and the production skills to really present your ideas effectively.

You've already got the YES.

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Wow, very interesting arrangement! The two themes mesh quite well the way you present them here, and the ending kicks major ass. I like this mix even better than Too Hot for Heatman. Your production skills have noticeably improved since then. Getting the chiptune style to sound fresh and cutting edge can't be an easy task, but you have officially joined the Mazedude/Shnabubula ranks in that respect. I'd be interested in hearing some more organic percussion in your next track– a little mixture of old and new– but that's just a side comment. Definitely doesn't take away from what you've created here. Awesome, awesome.


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You work with the chiptune instruments very well. Excellent use of non-chiptune production techniques, particularly reverb. On top of that, there's some fantastic harmonic progression and voiceleading.

The ending, while clearly intentional, is still an inescapable "WTF" moment.

Well above the bar anyway.


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This is great. Great sequencing, plenty of rhythmic/harmonic/melodic witticisms, all delivered with slick production. Very impressive. If the length of these 4 votes is any indication, this shouldn't be on the panel in the first place.


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