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OCRA-0003 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Hedgehog Heaven


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I was a bit irked when I found out that the album had no end credits medley like in the game. I went ahead and made one using the remixes from the album and a little bit of my own stuff: :wink:


Haha I actually enjoyed listening to this a bunch.

More games should end with Super Megamixes like this.

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Countless times I've listened to most of the tracks on this album. Before Project Chaos was released, I'd spend countless hours listening to the tracks related to the 11 zones. My three favorite tracks are:

I. Bring in the Machine

II. Travelling Through a Dream

III. Apocalyptic Orbital Ovum

Do any of you think Sega should've finished Hidden Palace, Wood, Dust Hill, and Genocide City zones before releasing Sonic 2?

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