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  1. I'm going to have to give this a listen sometime. Lol, when I get better internet/fix my wireless. Right now I'm getting about triple dial-up speed. Not really worth it for radio or something (need that precious speed!)
  2. Hello. I have been here and there on this site for a year or so and I've had no problems downloading torrents from thursday and earlier. However that has all changed tonight. I tried every single ocremix album torrent, every file individually, together, grouped, etc. and it is not downloading at all! It'll say it's downloading, find peers and seeds, and do nothing! I've tried the port test on utorrent, and it says "this port is not open but you'll still be able to download." Nothing has changed on the router or in my wireless settings. I don't know what to do! Can someone please help? And also
  3. Yeah! 2010th ocremix in 2010. NICE
  4. You just brought up back some bad memories of little 12 year olds from halo 2 man.
  5. WOW. That sucks man. Dang, and yes all I know from him is Samurai Champloo. I need to get more stuff.
  6. Depends on the artist. Wow this was a useless post
  7. If only I had the money to get a wifi adapter and xbox live gold for my 360 I so would. Man I miss xbox live, haven't been on since the original xbox back in 2006. Hopefully summer I can get on it again!
  8. When I overdosed on benadryl and dramamine one night trying to kill myself because of the situation I was in which was one I just abhorred. I was yelling at everyone, hitting everyone, ripping out the iv's, and had to go to a mental hospital for 4 days. Not fun at all.
  9. I actually might buy the one that sole signal posted a link to. Doesn't seem like it would be too bad. I mean I'm not looking to play new new games just a good amount/majority of stuff say from 2006 and earlier lol. Plus what's wrong with gateways? My first two computers were gateway's and they were just fine. And hd4200 is really better then a 4500mhd? I am going to be getting a $600 or so gaming desktop in six months or so.
  10. Nah I wasn't going to want to do gaming on one. Just want something a "tad" better then an hd4200 Mainly just for taking around doing internet and stuff on. I'm going to get a gaming desktop later on in the year.
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