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djdolber (GaMeBoX) Releases on Reunion!!!!

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I thought Reunion was all about club styles? That's what it's been so far, completely. Are you telling me you guys don't mind if something isn't dancey? I might be able to release something to you guys then :D

Anyway, I like this, great synth lead and a chill beat. Complements his Project Chaos tracks well, and it's a welcome change from the standard UNTS Reunion's been releasing lately.

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well .. if you read the welcome-text on the website it says that anything electronic/original will be released if the judge likes it! =D doesn't mean it has to be dance music ..

and also, i don't really udnerstand what you mean by UNTS.. pleeease tell me more :D

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aah yeah, thats ofcourse .. uhm .. yeah .. UNTSUNTS .. though i don't think that Regular or Typical means Boring .. but yeah sure .. and don't refer to me as they, makes me feel like im more than one guy here .. like in my head .. scary feeling .. scary


PS . Overcoat .. did you listen to "Maraton" .. it was the release just before Portal .. and i must say it's not UNTS



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Oh whoops, I didn't mean to imply its boring, sorry. Not what I meant to say. I just mean a 4 on the floor isnt exactly ground breaking.

Anything by GaMeBoX though is bound to be awesome though :D.

(I feel bad now :(...)

dont! .. i'm playin' :P enough said, yes dolber is awesome so yeah ... ;)

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