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Yeah sax is a bit better. I think it could use a little more(if there is any) reverb. Sounds a bit dry but it's very stylistic and un-square, which is good. I think that if you're going to use sax in that part though, put it throughout the song in places, especially near the end for a kind of recap/climax thing. Like make the end a kind of improvish sax thing on top of the rest to keep the variation.

Hm...what else...

Pretty much all of what Dafydd said...

When the brass comes in w/ the bass for the chorus, that's all that's playing. Seems like it could use some extra background things. Sounds sorta emtpy. It's like that almost everytime the chorus comes in.

Don't really notice much else at the moment. Keep it up dude, I really like this.

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At first it sounded like the intro was leading into a "Koopa's road" remix (Super Mario 64). This is a good song, but you should expand on the arrangement. Too much like the original and not enough things happening in the main parts. Has a lot of potenial though.

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Updated Track:

-Completely remade the drums, I think they fit in better now

-Added a gated track to fill in some of the background empty space

-General other stuff

To be done:

-Record a another saxophone section for second half of song, just haven't had time yet

-More development of key change section

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Thanks for the bump, ToN :D.

I actually have had this on the backburner for a while. I was having trouble coming up with additional ideas for the song and I think I was about at the limit of my ability at the time. Been working on a lot of music since then and I've just recently gotten some new ideas for this one. I have another track I'm planning on (actually, finally) submitting to ocr soon, and this one will probably follow that once I finish it.

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Ok, so I was backing up my sound files a couple weeks ago and most of the stuff related to this song mysteriously disappeared. Therefore, I'm starting over :<.

New Track

Death Wind OST

I decided to take a new angle at the intro, incorporating the Death Wind track as a buildup - rather than generic chords. I think it fits the fzero style a lot better. I've just started working on the Win Theme part of the song, so it isn't very developed yet.

I'm considering changing the orch hits to follow the pattern of the Title Screen OST, which may be a nice allusion.

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Hmmm...maybe I'm just not big on change, but I gotta say, I like it the other way better. with the "ready, set, go" beeps and stuff. The transition is really bumpy and it's like the whole song changes from orchestral to an orchestral/funk-ish fusion. The ideas behind this wip just don't feel right after hearing your first wip. If you've completely lost the file, I'm pretty sure I've got an mp3 of it somewhere if you need something to go by.

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