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  1. I know, right?? Those were what made the game for me. That game had the best collection of short stories I have ever come across. I'd buy a book of them in a heartbeat.
  2. These both made me sad too --Metal Gear Solid - When Sniper Wolf died --Xenoblade - When you get Fiora back in your party --Metal Gear Solid 4 - Several times --Final Fantasy 6 - When Terra's dad, Maduin, died --Lost Odyssey - When reading several of the short-stories you find --Final Fantasy IV - I thought it was crazy that Aerith died in FFVII, but in IV...so many party members :'( --Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross --Kingdom Hearts 2 Other games as well
  3. This is crazy, I can't believe that my first time posting in...6 YEARS, that someone recognizes me, from another site no less! I come to OCR all the time, just never post ha ha :D Love your work man!!

  4. Hey dude, just noticed you're a member of this forum. Wanted to drop by and let you know that I always really enjoyed your stuff back in the ACIDplanet days, hope you won't be a stranger around here!

  5. Metal Gear Solid - I got the demo as a member of PlayStation Underground and I must have tried playing the demo, oh, a good 10 times. Each time I played I didn't like it, it felt slow and seemed difficult. The dialogue was unlike anything I'd ever heard before. But something kept me coming back, I couldn't put my finger on it. One day my brother's friend let him borrow the game, so I gave it another try. I ended up beating the game twice in one day, and to this day remains one of my favorite games of all time. This is the first time I had cried playing a game, memorable for sure. Final Fantas
  6. awesome, i love f-zero! This is great, lovin the sax. nice levels, and its funky and epic at the same time. very cool, hope it makes it through the panel
  7. Mastering to me means bringing out the most of the song. The bass is bassy, the kick's got kick, the strings have power/got the feel, synths are clean and phat. Well it really depends on the song, but yeah. YOUR song sounds rather dry, if i may use that as a metaphor. It needs to be dusted off and brought into the clean air. I suppose using metaphors doesn't really tell you HOW to do it, but i'm just giving your a visual representation of what you should be hearing. Imagery does infact go along with the song. You really need to be bring out the presence of all your sounds. Equalize each sound
  8. God, chrono26 is right, that bassline is wicked! excellent drumkit as well, this is rockin. I was actually kinda expecting some guitars in this seeing how its rock beats.....but i guess uhhh i donno, you should try that out see if it works, that is if you have some good guitar sounds. Nice job XP
  9. Nice! Cool, I loved those TMNT games. I think you picked a great song to remix and did it quite well. Love the guitar! nice job i think we have ourselves a new tmnt song on ocr
  10. FL 3.56??!!! lol come on man! get with the times, 7 is out now...anyways, it does still indeed sound rather midi-ish and the drum samples deffffinitely need revamping as well as the textures and power of everything here. send me a message if you want me to hook you up with some stuff ^^ arrangement however was indeed good, keep working on it
  11. This is an excellent remix of both those songs! You kept the feel of both, and combined them so well. It REALLY needs to be mastered though. Avaris has some very good points that i have to agree on. This has the heart, it just needs the rib cage to secure it. Must have clean version of this song, sooo good. please keep working on this!
  12. Crazy XD! love speedcore. Drums are perfect, clean, transitions are awesome and its progressed and arranged very well, nice job ^__^ Just wondering what its from lol. Nice ending too!
  13. I downloaded and listened, this is fun! and quite a trip actually lol. This made my day thanks.
  14. I think I wouldn't mind being apart of this XD Justice's theme was awesome
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