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FF9 Mistaken Love Trance


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I made this.... uh.... this morning...

Thought I'd try a new style I'm not too used to. It's got a bit from Feel My Blade aswell (which is stolen from the highwind tune from FF7 anyway). It's all done in reason.

I wanna submit this, cause its not too bad imo, I just need to know if anyone sees much wrong with it. Any suggestions or comments about what you like or don't like are very much apreciated.

I don't think it's too bad for a first proper attempt at some dance music.


(thanks for listening :3.)

EDIT: http://fishy.escariot.net/public/Mistaken%20Love%20v.2.mp3 <== new version

EDIT: http://fishy.escariot.net/public/Mistaken%20Love%20v1.3wav.mp3 <== Extra new version

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Haha when I saw 'Fishy' and 'Trance' in the same sentence I had to loook.

Those lil FX you got goin on in the beggining are pretty cool. Alot of the flow and other basic elements are pretty good for the short amount of time you have spent on it.

The chords are nice, you need more of a lead in before they first come in. In general you need alot more build-ups and break downs rythmically in between sections.

The lead sounds are pretty good, but a little soft.

The kick drum and bass need an assload more oomph. You put any compression on the kick yet? Get the bass and kick thumping. If you haven't def EQ out the low-end freq on everything except the kick and bass.

The basic chord structure is pretty good, that's usually the deal breaker in trance songs for me. Get the harmonies to come through cleaner and more vibrant. I can't remember if Scream4 came with Reason 2.5, but if you got it use it! Try it out on various elements to get a more improved sound. Also in general some small amounts of FX applied to the different harmonies and leads could really help. Also try boost some of the high end 5k and above freq on the chords or leads for a nice airy feel.

I really like what you got goin here. :)

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Ok, updated first post with a proper hostage now.

Tbh I haven't done any substancial production apart from the obvious things cause I'm a bit out of my comfort zone with this one, so I'll definately try out those things you suggested. Thanks for the advice (and lols at first comment :3).

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hmmm i might have to say this might get rejected if submitted

ending is a cop-out imo, unless it's not over then.

there's no dynamic build in the track, when it ended it felt like it was still gonna go for another minute or two at least. use dynamics to help shape a contour for the whole song.

beginning feels like it goes on too long before anything starts to keep my attention it's not until 0:41 when i get something to follow, variation or a very light lead there could help.

1:21 transistion feels okish...i think a crescendo right before could really help there imo. 2:12 transistion is excellent, nice work there. 3:22 could use a crescendo right before it as well.

as a suggestion i think it might be better if for at least for part of the song you don't have the gating/arp effect going on the lead melody. i kinda got tired of that for a while, and it makes it feel as if it is not the lead.

so overall, very very cool, i enjoyed listening...just needs some dynamics now and a bit of work on the percussion mixing (they could probably come up just a bit in the mix).

good luck.

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Indeed, on reflection it needs a lot of work. It's good you guys are giving me help though, I'm learning a lot about the style which is what I wanted to do in the first place, so thanks.

The ending is cop-out, I'll come up with somethin new. A common opinion is the lead takes too long to come in, I'll look into condensing it.

Interestng that you think I could pull off another minute or two... I look into it. I haven't used some of the source yet, so we'll see.

Another thing i'm going to do is make some different leads for each section, to make it more interesting. I'll post an update soon with some improvements.

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Fishy, I dig the other stuff I've heard from you, so please understand that this is said with respect. ;)

This isn't bad, but it's bland. One thing about dance, trance, and similar heavily pattern-based styles of electronic music: for me at least, a good deal of the emotion and interest comes from the production--specifically, intelligent sound design and use of effects.

For example, I was listening to some stuff by SGX (<- link) earlier today, and was really struck by how his use of effects and production tricks is so damn musical. The effects are frequently more complex, dynamic, and sometimes even more musical than the actual source sound they're processing. It's basically ear porn, imo.

To me, your track isn't there yet. Like Hemophiliac mentioned, the gating on everything gets a little tiresome. I think it'd be better to automate this and other effects in and out gradually, which will help create tension and release. Throw some filters on stuff during transitions to heighten the drama, or resolve things more satisfyingly, etc. Another thing I noticed is that when you have instruments come in, they seem to be fully loaded with effects already, and then just stick with what they've got. You could build up the energy in the track better if you start some things off simpler, have them fade in or come up from a lowpass filter or whatever, then move to more complex, morphing layers of effects.

You know the ending needs work, but I'd like to mention the intro. It's a bit risky coming in with one of your main drum patterns like that, because it kinda sets the bar high--I'm expecting an even higher level of energy sometime soon after that, but it doesn't quite manifest. But like Hemophiliac said, I also really liked the 2:12 transition, and the wind-down then build-up from there was great.

Hope this has been helpful, looking forward to where you go with this.

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Fishy, I dig the other stuff I've heard from you, so please understand that this is said with respect.

Don't worry about it, I can't be offended by the truth :P. Tonight I'm going to listen to everything by bLiNd and SGX for some inspiration. Thank you for the criticism, it is very much appreciated. :)

(And that ear porn comment made me laugh, thats exactly what it is :D)

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Right, heres the new (and hopefully) improved version. I spent a while tweaking and turning, doing lots of automation on the main leads with filters. Obviously I'm new at it, so tell me where I went wrong.

Also if you listen to the old version then this one, you will noticed how much louder this one is, a lot more power. I used lots of scream devices on random sounds and they've been beefed up quite a bit. I also took avaris' advice and filter out all the low end on everything high up. Thanks for all the advice from everyone, what do you guys think of it now?

note: I will make a new ending.

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Quick reply...much improved.

1:40 the volume on the harmony needs to go down when the melody comes in IMO.

This def packs a whole lot more power. What it needs to be better is. A better relationship between the kick and bass, it's better but not quite there yet. Something that gets you grooving a little more. Also try some pin pong pannining with different elements. And also some automation on different pannings.

Wicked good update, def finish this one off. Now go play with your knobs! :)

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  • 2 months later...

Long overdue update: http://fishy.escariot.net/public/Mistaken%20Love%20v1.3wav.mp3

I've been playing around with different filters, even trying some filtering on the entire thing, just to spice stuff up, and my project file is just sich a total mess now that I can't bear to look at it, but I think it's sounding much better. Can anyone pick out any times at which they think something is wrong, or could be different?

I listened to it in headphones this morning, and I've got to say it was much more enjoyable then it was through speakers.

Also, I don't think anyone commented on the actual arrangement yet, which is important aswell. What do you guys think?

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