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Although everyone has chimed in with the solution, I will mention that I too use Chrome and have the same auto-play "feature" when it comes to MP3s. While I do suspect it's Quicktime's fault, no matter what I try or what Chrome setting I try to set/reset, nothing solves it. But since there's a workaround it doesn't stop me from using an otherwise awesome browser. :)

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Like everyone else here has said, this is a Quicktime thing. I don't know any other program that does this.

Here's a little instructional support from another website. I've done this before and can vouch for its accuracy:

Restoring MP3 Associations if you want to use Windows Media Player as your default. Otherwise, the steps are largely similar for other players.

1. Open Windows Media Player

2. Press ALT+T and Click Options

3. Click File Types

4. Check Mark Mp3 and Click OK

5. Close Internet Explorer and Reopen it.

Removing Quicktime Association

1. Open Quicktime in Start > Programs > Quicktime

2. Click Edit > Preferences > Quicktime Preferences

3. Click [File Types] Tab and Uncheck MP3

4. Click [browser] Tab

5. Click MIME Settings, and Uncheck MP3

6. Click OK Twice

Setting Default Associations

1. Click On Start > Set Program Access And Defaults

2. Click Custom and Scroll Down to Default Media Player

3. Choose a Default Media Player like Winamp

4. Press OK

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bah, I prefer the automatic streaming... I don't automatically download anything before hearing it, and the majority of the youtube previews aren't even in 480p :/

Hey, I listen to songs (or try to) to see if I want to download them.

But how come some songs have the streaming option and others don't?

I checked some of the oldest songs on the site, and they have streaming, but sometimes a recent one doesn't have it at all.

Though the youtube stream is easily my favorite addition the site has made in recent times.

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I've told Dave several times that when you click the Download tab, there needs to be instructions for the surprising amount of people who have somehow (really?) never heard of right-clicking and saving the files. From our emails and YouTube comments, I get this FAQ at least 5 times a week, to the point where I have a form letter. Imagine how many people we lose who are just too lazy or ignorant to ask. Just from the anecdotal evidence, this is a huge problem that can be mostly solved just by dropping a couple lines of text in that Download area.

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So i have looked all over the FAQ and thru lots of different pages and Im sure this question has been answered at some point on the site but i might just be over looking it. I was wondering if it possible to download individual songs to my computer without using the torrents. I have used torrents for a while and got those files immediately. But there are some new remixes that i would like to have on my iPod that arent in the torrents. I was just wondering if there was any way i could get them instead of just having to listen to them thru the website

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