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BT's Main Gear Stolen

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Sure, shit gets stolen all the time, but BT's just an awesome fucking dude. His music and response to this expands on that aspect as such.

Even though he never tours anywhere near me at all... ever, I hope he can get his stuff back so that this hiatus is cut short and more people can come to understand the genius that is BT.

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ugh, reading about stuff like this makes me practically sick to my stomach. It's probably every musician's worst nightmare, to come home one night or whatever and find that all of your stuff is gone. Then it goes beyond that, because all of his work is on the comps that were taken.

I sincerely hope this guy is able to track down the thieves. Whatever happens, this is something that everyone in every music community can learn something from, at the very least. I'm really liking this community project of his too. It'll be interesting to see how it pans out. I hope it works well. I'm betting it will.

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