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Alive 2007 (Daft Punk tour)

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Whoa been a really long time.

I'm pretty sure everybody is aware that DP won 2 Grammys.

They are scoring Tron 2.

Anything else?

And about DP scoring Tr2n. Does anybody else think that was what Daft Punk was referring to as their special project for 2008?

I'm not quite sure anymore. Then again the movie isn't coming out until 2011.

So I hope it is a fourth studio album. Mostly likely it is a new album.

After reading a few interviews it seems that it is.

Also, does anybody know the name of the photographer or the event some photos were taken of Daft Punk a while back? I think it was a magazine.

It's not the Bigshot magazine.

There was a shot of them in car. Two photos of them shrouded in smoke. One of them in front of the sun setting.

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