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Good AMVs

anne amère

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About half the amvs on my profile are my own, but the other half are high-quality ones that weren't already on youtube. Real Folk Blues already linked to one of them, actually. If you want want to find quality amvs, I have a surefire 3-step process for you:

1: Don't use youtube. Seriously, it's a crap resource in terms finding good amvs.

2: Register on http://www.animemusicvideos.org. It's a really good community and the only thing they've ever sent to my email besides the confirmation message is an optional monthly newsletter.

3: Go to any of these three lists or this subforum.

I've watched a wide variety of amvs, so if you want to find good ones of a certain type (genre, source anime, etc.) ask and I'll recommend what I can.

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I always thought this RE4 amv was hella good.


This one from DMC3 is also quite good, but the original file (that is linked in the discription) is far superior to this crappy youtube version.

As cool as those are, they're not technically AMV's. Are we looking for Machinamae?

Also, Magda's right. Animemusicvideos.org is understandably a great source for amv's. That having been said, if something's linked onto youtube that you've seen elsewhere, you might as well use it, unless you know of a higher quality video link elsewhere.

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