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Oh great, now I'm getting spam in my PMs!

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Hello, i am sorry if this offends i really mean no harm... i know what it like to be on a forum and have your posts ignored why not try somewhere where your recognised and responded too!

I opened a gaming forum a while back and we have been steadily growing, probably due to the ammount of sections we have available and the limited rules we have. There surely is something here for everyone!

Were looking for people who adore final fantasy just like i do ^_^ for possible roleplays and general chitchat. Any rpgers are welcomed but were looking for people of all ages to come and join our friendly community.

all i ask if that you check us out... nothing more and if you like what you see then please come and join us... Also looking for new and experienced moderators.

Tugf Forum

As i have said i have removed a lot of old mods so were looking for new ones! why not join us and see what you think, cant hurt right ;)

i hope to see you there, if not please pass this pm on to someone who might like it.

Kittie Corpse

Anyone else get one of these in their PMs?

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The user in question has been outright deleted; they sent the same message to a total of 9 people, so it didn't appear to be a bot.

In the future, please bring issues like these to the attention of myself or moderators, or both, before posting about them.

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