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FAC - Fan Art Competition 10: Castlevania [RESULTS]

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Mine is pretty crappy. I wanted to ink it and color it, but I need more experience with comp based art programs....*sigh*

plus I did it in like 45 min.

Don't worry, it's all good as long as you enter it <3

I sent mine yesterday, and i don't think it'd ever be worth colouring, haha. They're doodles anyway, it wouldn't be the same with colours.

As long as there's no lense flare... *twitch*

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i really have no clue what is wrong with you people

Clearly, we just know art when we see it. Must have been all the blood. :)!!:)!!:)!!

Suggestion for some month: the Ratchet and Clank series has a lot of cool stuff...

Though as a NINTENDO fan boy... I can't say I've ever played it.

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how many of you own a DS

Not I, my friend. But then again... unless it's something ABSOLUTELY UNPASSABLE.. (and I cant think of anything that would be).. I'm skipping the next FAC to try and make some music. CUT TO THE CHASE AND SAY WHAT IT IS!!! :smile:

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