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Pumped as Hell


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i would tell you to search the source for the file but for some reason when i downloaded it, it sounded worse that it did on the site, different instrument set or something. doesnt really make sense.

If there was any midi cool enough to make an mp3 directly from the midi, this is it hahahaha.

anyone want me to do it?

and yea its kinda a bad page, but its totally worth enduring its bad design

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I tried the page in Firefox and it dosesn't seem to work, but it works fine in IE7.

Ah, that helps. Actually quite catchy. I not pumped as hell, but it's a very nice tune.

Anyway, this is a midi rip from VGMusic.com. I don't think they allow direct linking (http://www.vgmusic.com/music/computer/miscellaneous/msx/Solid.mid) so if that doesn't work, search under MSX Computer --> Classic Style A-Z --> Metal Gear 2 --> Solid Snake.

Nice find Siamey. Very remix worthy. Hell, even with soundfonts installed (which I don't have at the moment) I'm sure this will sound superb.

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