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  1. Very reminiscent of Amon Tobin's work. In particular, the opening of The Killer's Vanilla from The Foley Room album. youtube.com/watch?v=a21zHR8Y1_Q
  2. Everything is awesome here, but I have to point out that the minute that begins at 2:24 is just so very, very supremely sweet.
  3. Funkalicious, delicious, and nutritious. The bass beats are constant and driving, but you layered enough ear candy on top to keep everything fresh and crisp. Great production values and a good number of nice tricks to keep the listener on their toes. Just awesome all around.
  4. Definitely agree with all the other listeners here -- wow, that intro was fantastic. Straight up Hollywood movie quality. I could swear I heard something like this in Spielberg's A.I. I am generally not a fan of orchestral arrangements. With that disclaimer out of the way, I didn't like the section starting at 1:17. The brass sounded way too overpowered and jolted me out of my groove. Everything else was awesome. Loved the cellos at 2:14, the basses at 2:39, supported by a very appropriate and balanced brass buildup, and capped off with the otherworldly strings at 2:49. Keep up the great work.
  5. My ears perked up as soon as they were graced by Kate's voice. The rest of the song did not disappoint. This is the voice of a siren.
  6. A nice, tasty treat for the ears without being too saccharine sweet. A difficult balance to achieve. Well done.
  7. Sixto is a fantastic guitarist and all of his songs are completely awesome, but I think this one edges out the rest as my favorite. The playing is so blisteringly fast and precise, and yet so very clean that I can barely hear the pick at all. The tone of the guitar with just the right amount of reverb is impeccably pure. (Curious what gear and setup you used for this particular song.) Production values are astounding -- everything is just so crisp. The speed and texture of the sound just go so well together and lend extremely well to the notion of zipping down an airy open road. Superb.
  8. I saw Eyes Wide Shut again the other day and was immediately entranced by the music playing during the orgy scene: (link is work safe) I love the relentless baseline, the dual sitars (harpsichord?), the percussions, the ethereal and incomprehensible voices, the whole Middle Eastern / Indian texture ... everything. Basically perfect music for some hot fucking. I immediately bought the CD soundtrack online and have been looping this song nonstop for the last several hours. I am still in a daze. Can anyone recommend other music along these lines?
  9. Absolutely love this piece, but I am especially fond of the synth. That vibrato at 2:59 is just perfect.
  10. Actually nothing will fit me, not with the cut of the shirt. I have an athletic but lean build. The chest and shoulders area is uncomfortably tight but I have way too much room in the arms and waist area. My shirts are always fitted, these shirts come nowhere close. A size L would look like a mumu on me.
  11. I bought a medium black OCR shirt a year or two ago. Like the design, but it doesn't fit me at all. Wore it for 5 minutes and then threw it into my closet. Did some cleaning up today and found it again. So here's the deal: cover my shipping charges (let's call it $4) and chip in a few bucks into the OCR trust fund (just so I don't end up undercutting them on their own product) and you got yourself an OCR t-shirt. Let me know if any of you are interested or have questions. Mods, please feel free to move this thread if it's not in the right forum.
  12. Nice pad, DJP. Can't say the same for Martin's digs. Looks like he lives in an isolated log cabin built in 1970 in the mountains. Oh yeah, good interview too. Preaching to the choir for the regulars here, but definitely a good primer for people new to this stuff.
  13. You learn something new each day. Awesome, thanks.
  14. Excellent job, good sir. It took me at least a few listens before I realized that the cello was slightly too clean to have been played live. It must have taken you forever to shape those articulations. Those low string attacks from 2:16 to 2:33 are just perfect -- what is that clock-like percussive sound, is that the wooden part of the bow hitting the strings? Aside from the Hollywood caliber production values, the arrangement is wonderful all around. A very nice interpretation of the source material, which I didn't find that interesting to begin with.
  15. WOW. This gripped me right from the get go with that sick synth tone and the delicate melodic bells. And then ambient layers added upon each other. You just know it is going to be an awesome ride. And finally Jill's voice pierces the dark and the score is settled -- this mix will be a favorite of mine for a very long time. Nice. Real nice.
  16. If you want a balance between the shinier graphics of Twin Snakes and the grittiness of the original MGS, go for the Windows version. All the textures and graphics are in high resolution, but other than that, nothing was changed to my knowledge. Same atmosphere, same controls, same dialogue (way better than Twin Snakes), same awesome music. Unrelated -- Naomi Hunter (the English girl who betrays Solid) is freakin hot.
  17. Does anyone know what these screens mean?
  18. I wonder if Vega and Chun are going to lose their wall jumping abilities. It was weird enough seeing it in 2D midscreen, but it would be weirder still now that the 3D engine allows angle changes and panning. Not a major gameplay issue, but curious nonetheless.
  19. Forget the thighs, look at her arms and hands. She could beat 97% of guys at arm wrestling. I mean look at the sinews and striations on her forearms. Sick. And those hands? A tranny's if I ever saw one.
  20. Pardon my ignorance, but what's a lead? An amp component? As for the cable, I'm going to stop by my friend's place this weekend if he's in town, otherwise it's off to the music shop to test/buy a new cable.
  21. Just the past day or two, I've had this unexplainable buzz from my new Roland Micro Cube that I bought 3 weeks ago (great amp and cheap too, recommended by forum member). I know it's not the guitar because if I unplug the cable from the guitar but leave the other end in the amp, I still get the same buzz. I thought the amp might be picking up some electrical interference in the air, but I've plugged it into various outlets throughout the house and still get the same issue. I'm pretty sure it's not that cool feedback effect either, as there's no guitar plugged in to feed back into. The only way to get rid of the buzz is to disconnect the cable from the amp side as well, but I doubt it's a cable issue as it came brand new with my new guitar that I also bought 3 weeks ago. I heard that you're not supposed to leave the cable plugged into the amp even when it's turned off, is this true? Any ideas? Once again, thanks in advance.
  22. I bought a black medium t-shirt a few weeks ago. Measurements are 29 inches in length and 19 inches armpit to armpit. I am 6'0 and 160 lbs, with a lean and muscular build. The medium size is just about right, if slightly loose (although my personal preference leans towards tighter shirt sizes). But the arms are way way too roomy -- 9.5 inches at the shoulders and 7.5 inches at the outer cuff. I'd also prefer a shorter length, maybe 27 inches instead of 29. I love the front design, totally badass. But I'm not fond of the logo redux on the back side and especially not the http address. A bit tacky in my opinion, but I'm sure I'm the only guy on this board with such finicky tshirt tastes.
  23. My post was in reference to dsx100, but I get your point. However, the roster shakeup that was the 3 series pissed off a lot of long time veterans. Many take that stance that it just doesn't feel like SF if the old diehards aren't there. Personally, I don't care one way or another as long as the gameplay is rock solid and there is a significant resemblance to the SF series (you can't create another Guilty Gear game and call it Street Fighter). If Capcom knows what it's doing, it will pander to the widest demographic possible, as the fighting game market is already somewhat of a niche as it is. I'd like to see as many old characters as possible, but definitely include a significant (33-50%) selection of new characters. My biggest fear is the art direction and the whole feel of 2.5D. It just doesn't feel right. There's something magical about the not-exactly-fluid polish of 2D animation. Maybe it's that whole uncanny valley phenomenon. Not sure. All I know is that if SF4 ends up as a flashier version of the EX series (hey look, robots are fighting, cool), then I'm sticking to 3S for the next 10 years.
  24. I love the parry system, but I doubt it will be in SF4. Maybe something similar, like DOA- or KI-type reversals. Everything is speculation at this point. But I trust that Capcom will handle with care. This is their flagship series, it would be a monumental error if they screwed up the gameplay. Those screens are preliminary (I hope), but they need to spend a lot more time on the general art style. Ryu and Ken are fugly. I fear for Chun Li. Also, heavier cel shading. Similar to that wispy feeling of the trailer.
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