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Dance Dance Revolution


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oh god no

i think the reason im so into dmx was because back when i was like 16 and went to the arcades they always had a ddr and dmx machine and i played them both a ton and even when they got rid of the ddr machine (they replaced it with itg MAJOR DOWNGRADE) that dance maniax machine went nowhere even to this day!

i got really good at it

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I still think Rhythm and Police is one of my all-time favorite songs from the older DDR games...even though it kinda kicks my ass just because of the speed and stream level...

I miss the difficulty of the older stepcharts.

and if I recall correctly, there's an excellent remix of butterfly on dance maniax...

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I Do, I Do, I Do

I got the Japanese extreme, Which has MAX.(period) among a slew of other songs.

yeah thats about the only home version worth owning

ive got it too but i break all my home pads

but yeah as far as this thread goes weve been talking about arcade mixes the whole time and he went and pulled out post extreme home versions which i found to be a bit comical

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