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Dance Dance Revolution


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Dude, what was with the great on Tricky Disco?

The Cabinet I play on isn't as nice as the one you play on. I want to play on Flash's Cab, it looks and sounds awesome.

I looked up at my percentage and then I messed myself up, haha.

That's not Flash's cab. That's just one of the stepfiles he made that I put on my USB.

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So maybe I will go back to playing DDR for a while. Yesterday when I went to play DrumMania I sliced my knuckle on the side of the snare drum. It was awesome! They had to shut down the machine for sterilization. I bled all over it.

That is dedication!!

Oh my...that is dedication. I haven't injured myself playing any form of rhythm action yet. What's wrong with me!?

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My arcade just got a PIU Zero machine, so here's me playing My Friend on Crazy.

Damn it Bigfoot, I thought I had PIU all to myself and now you have to go and be better at it that than me.


Does PIU Zero have Emergency on it? That's one of my favorite songs to play on the local NX machine. I'd like to see someone play it on Crazy or Nightmare (or whatever it's called)

Oh, and you should probably give PIU a try Gafagarion, especially if you're hardcore about ITG or DDR because it will humble you and then just become a lot of fun.

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Another arcade of ours got PIU Pro. Here are some videos. It's kind of hard to hear because it's so loud inside.

Dance All Night(screen)

Dr. M (full body + screen)

Our arcade got SN2 a few weeks ago, and here's some AAAs I've done on it so far.









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