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I couldn't get into SF3. I was told by numerous people that I should move on from SFA3 (my favorite 2d fighter hands down), but Third Strike just doesn't have the magic that SSF2T and SFA3 do for some reason.

I admit that part of it may have to do with my resistance to an almost completely new roster, but I don't think that's clouding my judgement too much.

SF3 had almost half the roster of SFA3 (probably the best roster of fighters only second to KOF98 ) and its gameplay was a bit too frantic to be purely strategic. Some characters can attack so relentlessly, it's not as easy to formulate a steady attack plan like you could with all the other Street Fighter games. I'm sure some people actually prefer the faster, relentless pace though. I still like SF3 a lot. But it's still not in the top 5 Street Fighters for me.

SF3 is definitely not the most balanced game. I think that the most balanced SF game would have to be SF2: Hyper Fighting. But what's great about SF3 is the parrying system and unique normals everyone has. It just gives you a lot to play around with. In contrast to SFA, it's really a return to the classic SF game and focuses in on mind games rather than huge combos.

SFA games can have huge combos if you play it right. Even with X-ism and A-ism, you can get ridiculously long chain of combos if you know what you're doing (mainly juggles).

As for SFA, SFA2 is probably the most balanced out of all of them. I've had a lot of fun playing both SFA2 and SFA3 though. It should be noted that A3 has an emphasis on air combos or juggling and custom combos. The CC's in the game really make the game unbalanced. Some CC's can even take away about 80% of your opponent's health, which is absolutely ridiculous. In addition, air combos really aren't characteristic of Street Fighter games in general.

I have to disagree peresonally since the air-fighting in SFA3 was just amazing. Barring CC's, I still say SFA3 is just as balanced as SFA2 was.

Still, overall, I still don't think any of these games really measure up to KOF98, which is funny since more and more people seems to be overlooking that old classic nowadays. And Screwattack chose to put in something like SSB (still a party-fighter and not a pure fighter IMO) and Dead or Alive over KOF. Shame.

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SFA games can have huge combos if you play it right. Even with X-ism and A-ism, you can get ridiculously long chain of combos if you know what you're doing (mainly juggles).

That doesn't really contradict his statement.

I'm afraid I'll have to penalize you, Phoenix.

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^ I lol'd. I loved the Phoenix trilogy -- probably my favorite series on the DS thus far.

The cheapest thing about CC's in SFA3 hasn't been mentioned yet, btw...it's not that they take 80% if they connect (which they can), because that would be blockable / counterable based on the "if". Said "chance" about them connecting is raised significantly by the fact that the activation causes a few frames of complete invulnerablity (especially useful as you jump in for the combo). With that said, SFA3 remains the most fun for me.

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