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The 2D Fighter Thread


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2D Fighter Thread 07' ReBout

Current News

- KoF XI & Neo Geo Battle Coliseum coming to North America (PS2)

Thanks to dsx100 we have this little in developement page, not only showing previously known FFBA Vol. 1 but these two gems that have not been avalible in the US before. SNK is truly trying to please its North American gamers this year. Rejoice all! KoF XI is probably the best King of Fighters, and one of the best 2D fighters ever made. NGBC is a sort of all-star tag team fighter based on Neo Geo characters from games such as SNK's popular fighters, to even Metal Slug. Both high quality titles no 2D fighter fan should be without

When looking inside the subforums for both games on the SNK USA message boards we find out that KoF XI will be released in September, while Neo Geo Battle Coliseum will be released this October

- Art of Fighting Anthology shipped and in stores for North America (PS2)

It seems as though Art of Fighting Anthology has quickly and quietly leaped onto store shelves

"It's great that PlayStation 2 system owners will be able to add the Art of Fighting Anthology to their game libraries at long last," said Ben Herman, president of SNK Playmore USA Corporation. "The Art of Fighting series holds a significant place in gaming history, being one of the first games to allow players to perform a 'super attack' during a match. It also is the first fighting game to introduce graphical scaling - as opponents move away from each other, the game's camera moves out to keep both players on the screen."

I didn't think SNK of USA would get it out this fast, but it's out. Most sources say the game is at $19.99 but I've heard $29.99. Either way, this package is well worth the purchase, containing all three Art of Fighting games. A welcome start to the wave of SNK 2D Fighters that will be blasting onto North America, get your Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia on, not to mention Young Geese

- Fatal Fury Battle Archive Vol.1 announced for North America (PS2)

In the same press release that officially announced the AOF Anthology, Ben Herman, president of SNK Playmore USA stated, “with both ART OF FIGHTING ANTHOLOGY and FATAL FURY: BATTLE ARCHIVES Volume 1 making their first North American appearances on PlayStation 2 system this will be a memorable summer for SNK fans.” That's more like it. The first three Fatal Fury games will be in this collection, including Fatal Fury Special, an updated version of FF2. Slated for summer, price will probably be at around $29.99 - $39.99. No message board up yet, but one will be coming

Recommended Fighters

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 [PS2]

Capcom Vs. SNK 2 [PS2]

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology [PS2]

The King of Fighters 2000/2001 [PS2]

The King of Fighters XI (Import) [PS2]

Garou: Mark of the Wolves (Import) [PS2, DC]

Guilty Gear X2:#Reload [PC (online hack), XBOX]

Super Smash Brothers Melee [GC]

Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2 (For Street Fighter 2) [PS2, XBOX]

Street Fighter Anniversary Colletion (For 3rd Strike) [PS2, XBOX]

EDIT: List of recommended games up, if you've got any more ideas, post them up

I'll be updating this first post with things like release dates for future games, news and other things. Lets try and make the thread work not only for beginners that are looking into 2D fighters, but also to work for established players wanting to talk about advanced tactics and the like

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I was able to get a hold of a copy of GGX2 #Reload. I am absolutely, completely hooked. I can't wait to get a arcade stick. The controller is usable, but not accurate at all.

I was considering picking up a anthology type copy from each series to see which others I like most, so this thread has come at a very opportune time.

Thank you so much EazyP.

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Mugen is a terrible fighter. It's more like a make-your-own fighter which really doesn't pan out as well as it should since people don't quite thing about balance between the characters. When a character is built, they have a particular moveset and voila, you can play as them as long as they have a sprite sheet. Initially, it's fun because you can play as almost any character you want. But since there is extreme imbalance, it's no fun at all. Some are completely helpless and you'd have to block most of the time and just wait for your chance to deal little damage. Go ahead and play it though, it'll let make you appreciate how well thought out fighting games have to be.

I've played Arcana Heart. It's deeper than you'd think just at first glance. The homing system is pretty nice but takes some time getting used to. I hear that it's going to be featured at Tougeki already which is pretty amazing since it hasn't been out for a long time. It plays kind of like X-men vs. Street Fighter. A lot of damage should be done in long chains or combos, rather than exchanging hit for hit. It has a huge screen as well, dashing only take one bar and you can go for as short or as long as you'd like if you just hold down the D button. It makes sense in the end. But I find that most of the match doesn't make use of the large screen, mainly the bottom 1/4 of it.

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This is old shit. Shit I played and passed off. I want new shit, I want KoF XI and NGBC for crying out loud. I swear, if these two collections end up putting SNK back in the hole before real new stuff can reach the states, I blame all of you.

Probably not the issue. SNK has always been bullied by SCEA because Sony just hates 2D graphics and doesn't think old games show off the power of their system. The only ways SNK could get games released would be at budget prices with multiple games in one disk, hurting them in business side of things. Now that the PS3 is out, Sony has lowered their standards and SNK is letting out their stuff. It looks like it will come out chronologically, so first we'll get Art of Fighting (FF prequel) then Fatal Fury, then King of Fighters, ect.

It'll probably be awhile for the new stuff to come out, but it might come out in a bundle, so just help them profit a bit and their stuff will come faster

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Is the recommended list only for consoles that are still around? The Dreamcast, and to a certain extent the Sega Saturn, although dead consoles, had far superior 2D fighters to most of what's in that recommended list (Although they are good games. I never knew those Dead Or Alive games were 2D, It's been so long since Ive touched anything DOA...)

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For fucks sake, put SFIII 3rd Strike on that list NOW.

Also, KoF XI. Import it, bitches, it's the best one ever.

Btw, my Fatal Fury Collection Vol.2 arrived yesterday. Yay.

3s is in multiplatform, I think I'll add KoF XI

Garou added to PS2

I'm only doing the systems that are still around right now, I'll add Dreamcast soon

Also great news for Xbox 360 owners, SFAC for regular Xbox is now backwards compatable! That means online 3s on a next gen console. Go go go!

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Waku Waku 7? Dunno where you'd get it from these days.

NeoGeo emulation is the best for now (unless you are lucky/rich enough to have a NeoGeo and the game). I have the Saturn version but after playing the silky smooth NeoGeo version I just can't play it. The framerate and slowdown issues just kill it for me since it's such a twitchy fighter at times. Great game though. The Darkstalkers series and Pocket Fighter play great on the Saturn, along with a lot of other 2D fighters. Still lust after a copy of Astra Superstars but can't justify the $200 or so it costs for the game.

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For what console? Btw, Its SFA3 not SF3A.

I had it for Ps1, and it plays quite well on there, but still the best way to play it is by arcade emulation. There are some inaccuracies. Things that you may not notice and I didnt notice for a while, tho.

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For what console? Btw, Its SFA3 not SF3A.

I had it for Ps1, and it plays quite well on there, but still the best way to play it is by arcade emulation. There are some inaccuracies. Things that you may not notice and I didnt notice for a while, tho.

I certainly noticed all the load times :o

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