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OCR00730 - *YES* Skies of Arcadia 'Dungeon Cave (Buried Alive Mix)'

Antonio Pizza

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<Legion^> AntonioPizza: you should give my Skies of Arcadia remix to the judges for mangling

Here's the linkage:

You'd better click on it :!: We went through too much :evil: to get that link working properly for you bozos to ignore it. *gets a grip* whoops. I think it's time for my medication again *heads off to the catgirl thread*

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First thing that strikes me is the high-quality bongos. Secong thing is the high-quality guitar. Then the mix breaks out into a more traditional rock and it only gets better. In fact, the only thing that bugs me at all here is the fade out ending. So, in short...


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That's right. I said no. No, no, no. Why not?

My reasons are my own.

Okay, here's why. It's too damn long. It's a beautiful piece, no doubts there. but the intro is almost 100 seconds long...(the rock guitars don't start until 1:45). Everything is beautifully performed, layered, and pieced. But it's waaaaaaaay to repetitious. We've shot down mix after mix after mix for being too lengthy and repetitious, so this should be no exception. Trim the intro and cut one or three loops. Then I'd be happy to vote yes. I bet it doesn't matter since everyone else will vote yes, but I shun conformity and laugh at the broken wheels of the bandwagon. Like I said above. My reasons are my own. Have a nice day ^^!

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I hate rock so I say no.

No, I'm kidding. I haven't even heard this yet. It might not suck.

90% done downloading....

5 seconds left!

Ok we're playing now. Wonderful.

Quality IS high. At least on the guitars, though I think the bongos aren't varied enough to connote realism to me, but that's just the way I think when it comes to bongos.

I honestly don't think the intro is too long, but that's because I'm typing here at the same time. Is that lead supposed to be so quiet??

Ok, that sounds like bass-distortion there. And out of tune guitars. Not as baldy out of tune as it could be but...

Ok, now I think AP was saying no because of his personal taste. But to be honest, I've heard good guitar music (Dream Theatre, Steve Morse, Joe Satriani), and this middle section just sounds plain messy. Very messy and crowded. The acoustic part isn't too bad at all. Ok, well now I'm feeling it IS a bit too repetitious. See I didn't realize that the first 1:45 was going to repeat itself at the end.

Well, not much variety here, and the middle part is very messy, though, on the positive side, the repetitious part is high quality. My roommate once said "Just because you really like a part of the song doesn't mean you should beat everyone over the head with it till they don't like it anymore." And if there had been more melody over the repetitious part it would have been more bearable. A nice violin with subtle reverb and delay would have sounded nice there.

Anyway, I'm gonna say no for the reasons I stated.


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Oh the link works now. Looks like I'm about to tip the balance....

Bongos/congas samples sound good, but they're not in a realistic pattern. Nice, (I'm in the main part now) but bass seems a little overpowering, and the electric guitar is kinda stifled by it. Oh we're back to the intro bit now. Those drums that come in, don't like those - it's probably just a personal thing.

Hmmm, this isn't an easy one, is it? Ok, the quality is good, a bit muddy around the edges, maybe some eq woulda sorted that out. It's got that deep feel to it, yet is repetitive at times. The distortion is there, but a certain amount is allowable for rock isn't it?

I'm gonna say NO. Too much woulda shoulda coulda in this mix for me. Shoulda had a mad improvisation part in it somewhere, I was waiting for that.

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Gack! I haven't voted on this yet??

Shit. I'll edit this post in a minute with my vote.


Wow. Uhm, I really like the way this starts out.

But when it gets bunches heavier it kinda loses something.

That background guitar is a little too distorted for me.

Then.. then the intro comes back. Is there anything different

here? I don't think so...

Well. I only like certain parts of the mix (intro/outro) but

I think that overall this mix will be enjoyed by the OCR public.

I say post it.

Vote: Yes

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:oops: First off, I'd like to say that I'm embarrassed. I've been flip flopping a bunch and haven't really kept my eye on the prize. I'd like to apologize to Legion303 for casting doubt on this song.

I was perfectly content to stand by my vote until I read what rob1 wrote:

I only like certain parts of the mix...but

I think that overall this mix will be enjoyed by the OCR public.

That's who I've forgotten about. The people I'm supposed to be serving. I feel like a politician who outlaws hot dogs because he doesn't like them. There are still millions who do.

I found fault with one little nitpicky part and cast off the song because of it. Believe it or not, I'm actually ashamed of my "no" vote. Yeah, it's repetitive, but I don't think that's enough to hold this song back. I'll let the reviewers complain about that. This song is still done in good quality, therefore I'm switching my vote to yes. So as of now the votes are:

Matt: Yes.

Tim: Yes.

Daniel: No.

Stephen: No.

Rob1: Yes.

Rob4 (me): Yes.

4 yes/ 2 no.

What the hell is this doing on the judges forum for?

Post this shit.


Sorry 'bout that Pretz, Steve, fans. *drops a 1,908 paper roll on his leg*

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