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*NO* Final Fantasy 6 'Aria de Mezzo'


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I'll not speak a long time, because i'm french!!

I think that your site is very nice! I'd like to send you a mix of the "aria di mezzo" in Final Fantasy 6(super nintendo).

I hope you'll like it.

Here's the url, perhaps you'll can't download it in the USA, so tell me!

size: 2.2 Mo

Length: 2M 26sec

Quality: 128 Kbps 44Khz

title: Aria di Mezzo Mix (yes it isn't special! but you can change the title as you want, because i didn't find something good!)

game: Final Fantasy VI

Year: 2001

Autor: Me (Kevin Fernandez)


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Hahahahahah, this sounds soooooo midi wavetable.

Got to give credit, the arrangement is quite good, except the drums, which are just too repetitive for me. The ending chord is cut off half-way, which is kinda lamish.

NO. This has no polish, and is not up to OCR standard.

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*bang* Ow.. st*bang* stop it! *bang* fuck! *bang* Damnit *ban--* NO!

I can't hear whats going on over the *thud thud snare* The instruments

sound very much like a Soundblaster wavetable. Sure, the arrangement

is not bad, but the instruments used are subpar. :(

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