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Zelda/Star Wars: From Across the Fields of Hyrule

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Updated version:

3mujl (I used a poor encoder for that one)

Mostly just filling out the weak spots


old post:

Personal Project!

Here's a little tune I've been working with off and on for over 4 months now. It may never be submitted to the judges, even when it's finished because I think it may break one of their submission rules. There is a lot of instrumentation missing (I just haven't thought it up yet) and there are a few (many) glitches like dropped and misplaced notes and stuff and some parts need to be completely overhauled.

But I still would like to hear what you thing so far. I'm mainly looking for musical composition suggestions now because I haven't entered the mixing/technical phase at all yet. :) I'm still grappling with changing the song from a major key to a minor one. And there are a few sketchy transitions. (VERY WIP!!!)

Oh if you haven't guessed, it's a cross between John Williams "Across the Stars" and Zelda's Theme from OOT. There is a lot of stuff directly from "Across the Stars" used and that's why I may never submit this. But who knows.

If I never finish this song as a whole, I will definitely salvage parts of it to make other songs, especially the part from 4:28 to the end because I LOVE the section.


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Yeah ok, up until about 2:30, I thought "ok, it has a little bit from Star Wars in it, but not so much that it couldn't pass, providing you gave credit where it was due. At least, i think that's the way it would go. But then after that, yeah, way too much directly from SW to pass as a Zelda mix.


I am saving a copy of this. If you ask me to, I'll delete it, but this is an awesome arrangement, I can't wait to hear where you take this and I have some friends and relatives who are gonna start geeking out about it as soon as they hear.

Thanks for posting!

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i didn't think i'd actually say this, but it actually kinda bothers me how similar in structure this is to Acrosst the Stars. it's probably how much it uses the same ideas and changes that AtS does. i was really hoping after the intro harp that it would change up and be less of AtS but it didn't.

this is rather muddy and needs a lot of separation and clarity in the writing. a suggestion: instead of having a lot of contrabass stuff, have the contrabass part being played by the cellos an octave higher, and just have a viola part and 2 violin parts. i think that'll help with that a bit.

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Updated version posted!!!!!

I'm almost finished the second movement of "Plumber's Bane - Beyond the Point of No Return" but some instruments (guitars mostly) are giving me to much distortion. I will post it when I get that fixed.


PS. Does anyone know if you can edit the title of a thread? I kinda want to change this one.

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There's a kind of muddiness here that makes this sound crowded and lossy at times, so I agreed with Hemophiliac there. There's also a certainly lack of depth to the orchestration here that I can't put my finger on, but as is the track ends up sounding less impactful then I think is intended given the writing.

For the first opening minutes you have some decent ideas in terms of rearranging the source material. Woodwind at 2:10 is too loud/piercing. Good changeup at 2:28; I honestly couldn't have taken too much more of the previous material or it would have gotten really boring. Couple of transitions weren't my cup of tea (e.g. 3:09, 4:10) and felt too abrupt. Nice harp though; could be less dry sounding but not a big deal.

The arrangement sounds fine to me, keeping in mind that I dunno the Star Wars material. I dunno about the "Across the Stars" usage and haven't made any comparison, but of course keep in mind the Submission Standards in light of a possible submission:

Please ensure that submissions are primarily composed of arranged game music plus your own original additions. Any incorporation of non-game music (mainstream' date=' classical, etc.) should be very limited and should never carry significant portions of the mix. For example, a Mega Man mix that used Beethoven's 9th symphony for its chorus, where 15-25% of the mix was not from the game itself, would likely be rejected.[/quote']

It's a nice film score style piece. I would just hit up someone you know can give you good orchestration production tips to refine the sounds and polish it up.

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