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OCR00731 - Crystalis "Calming the Angry Sea"

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Quite simply a lovely song. ^_^

There's a lot of serenity here... but also hints of conflict? Worth listening to even if you're normally a fan of tracks involving more instruments. I'd be kicking myself if I didn't give this a chance, despite gravitating towards tracks with more - (and faster) - instruments.

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First, at :05. String/fret noise during arpeggiating. Not sure if it's not holding down the fret enough or right handed muting gone bad, but either way it don't sound purty. Again, you hear it at :09. The note doesn't end naturally, and sounds very strained/amateur.

Whoa, now... slow down. This seems to me like it's intended to be some guy sitting on the back of a dolphin strumming idly on a guitar. If it were clean, it wouldn't be the same piece of music. It'd be like hiring a world-class boychoir (e.g. American, Vienna) to sing the end of

, or dubbing over the actors in the singing episode of Buffy.

As for the ending, well, he just saw a squid that needed whacking, so he put the guitar down.

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