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Phoenix Wright - The Trial

CC Ricers

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Version 2 is up - and back on a good host for files

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I'm just beginning to improvise on the arrangement. For now I'm trying to get most of the sounds down pat. Maybe you can tell what type of sound I'm going for. (hint: Wildstyle Radio)

Phoenix Wright Trial

Later on I will probably add the prelude music since it's so similar, and some motifs from other music. It's still short, so give it a listen!

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Thanks for the comments. Yeah, it's looking pretty 80's so far, which is the style I was trying to nail down. Jaybell, this mix follows the source closely as of now. Though the people that are familiar with it would be able to hear the small embellishments and changes I made. Next update will be sometime this upcoming week.

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I can see that there's a lot of anticipation for this remix.

I think there's still some production work to be done, but it's coming along very well.

Can you be specific as to where production needs to improve the most? For example, the drum parts or several instruments. I've done a lot of work on the EQ and stereo panning to make it sound "bigger".

Also, no longer using YouSendIt for my files. Back to a more reliable host!

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Nice embellishment of the source, when I heard the opening fill I rolled my eyes a bit, but as it progressed I got a taste of the 80's vibe in there. Maybe make that more apparent initially, since the totally mechanical opening fill initially registered as "omgbad" rather than "omg80s".

My suggestions would be to add a van halen style guitar solo (since so many 80's songs had them, even if the genre didn't call for it) and double the bass with some slap bass in some parts.

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