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*NO* Mega Man 2 'Those Magnetic Men'

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like the mutant child of a chip and an nsf, this one has an interesting

lo-fi sound to it. a cute arrangement, I kinda like it, but I think this could

really be re-done with more attention to the quality of the instruments. It

just sounds sort of muddled.


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HAH, yes, this mix is so happy! I love the whole lo-fi sample usage here - Poobslag did an excellent job mixing it all together. My only concern is the lack of panning - It just jumbles things together, and makes it less pleasurable to listen to. Regardless, this is a nicely put together mix using only lo-fi samples. Nostalgia has overcome me... YES

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Starts out sounding okay and cute, needs to get better though.

Okay, half way through and still sounding the same...

You know, I'm thinking something.. the tune is cool and all, but the chiptuney samples are really killing it. Like.. it sounds like it's doing an old school intro for a song, that just.. doesn't end. Know what I'm saying?

I know going for the old school effect was the intention, but I think this would benefit from more lively samples. Old school is good sometimes, not this time.

Vote: No

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This reminded me of two things:

1. a Mod compo song where someone tries to fit low quality samples into the mod to make the 200k limit while hurrying to finish within the 30 minute limit. and

2. me when I was 8 playing a demo/prerecorded song off my casio and pressing the + button over and over to switch the lead instrument as fast as I could to see how crazy the song would sound.


This guy has definite talent! I could feel the creativity put into some parts. I could hear some frequency and volume controls being used with good effect. I could tell that Poobslag sequenced it all himself (no nfs rip) and got all the chord progressions correct excluding the high wavs being used as precussion elements. Good beat.


It is totally beyond me why someone with such ability decided to go MONO.. ugh theres that word again.., use only chiptune instruments, and not expand on the melody at any point in this song. The instrument changes seem very unorganized and uncalled for, hence the casio reference. The ending (although he did not simply copy the original song and paste it in there, which I commend) is abrupt and unconcluding.

I'll have to give it a NO for one reason over all others: This website is " dedicated to reviving the video and computer game music of yesterday, and reinterpreting that of today..." and this song in my opinion did not 'revive' or in any way improve on this great classic, nor did it use new abilities/software/techniques to redefine it. Would be great for a compo, but not OC material.


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