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MEETUP: Los Angeles/So-Cal - July 21st


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Alright folks, so after much talk in the interest gathering thread, its time to post blinds. Anyone is welcome, even lurkers.

Hope to see you guys there.

body of the evite:

You are formally invited to attend the OC Remix Summer 2007 Southern California Meetup!

Trenthian is hosting a get-together complete with food, games, music, and fun.

Come meet and party with your fellow OCR members! Bring your friends too.. if you have any...

Bring your swimming gear! There's a pool and jacuzzi.

Dinner at BJs if you're brave enough to stay.

Going Dutch

Resturant menu

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This better not be small. Trenth, try to get everyone who went to the first SoCal meet up to go!

from the look o the other thread, things seem poised to be quite rowdy.

I have a handdrum, guitar bass and keyboard, and all the recording software we'd ever need to do some fun stuff.

If any of you coming have hand drums or know how to play bass, or guitar or something, maybe we can also Jam.


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Also, po!, mind if we come to watch said gig?


well.. i'm playin in the accompanying band for susanna kwan. the show is at Pala Casino

i actually have no idea what kinda show it's gonna be.. could be a concert, or a private performance. either way, you probably wouldn't be able to get tix, nor would u want to.. unless you happen to be into old skool chinese pop/folk music

i got a studio rehearsal friday night, then saturday gotta drive to the casino, set up, sound check, rehearse, bla bla bla all that good stuff. so no OCR meetup for me...

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Richter just backed out. What a punk.

well, in an amazing reversal of fortune, I no longer have a ride down there. Anyone coming from all the way up in jolly old Sacramento and willing to give me a ride? I'd still love to go, but either way I'll help out any way I can. We need more of these west coast meet-ups.

If you noticed my location, you would note that I am coming from *omg* Sac. If you want to come, help pay for gas. NO EXCEPTIONS!

EDIT: Hey Trenth, mind either PMing or IMing me the list of people that went last year?

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Sounds like a good deal to me, I'll take it.

Then talk to me on AIM about it. This isn't some small trip, so don't take it as if it was. I want everything planned out as soon as possible so we don't get fucked over.

It would seem that anyone who gets a ride from Arek should talk to him before hand privately, as he is leaving friday, and staying In Socal for the weekend, be advised.


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More people should RSVP now, its getting very close to go time, and I dont want stragglers to wander in at the last minute, since I'm buying refreshments and stuff.

I need to know what I should get.

anything that'll get me twisted :)

i'll try to swing through... i am only really free on saturdays anyways as i have my daughter on sundays so my weekends are always grey areas

either way, i'll respond to the evite and we'll figure it out from there..


damn, i noticed a lot of cats from sac by and by. good shit - south sac 916 in the hizzouse... born n raised, my lil niggaroniez

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