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OC ReMix mentioned in Nintendo Power by Contra 4 developers

The Unsung Plumber

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I find it a bit ironic to mention Jake side-by-side with OC Remix. Then again, OC Remix is more popular than VG Mix these days due to the latter being on hiatus.

There's no reason to have war anymore, both sites are well-established and one won't go down because the other one grows more powerful. I think both DJP and Virt can accept that OCR and VGMix are alternatives to each other and not mutually exclusive, regardless of whatever hard feelings bubbled up in the past. That said - Virt, thank you for making that Balloon Fight mix years ago, and congratulations on getting where most of us probably want to be.

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Just catching up with stuff going on. But this is some great news, kudos Virt, you've really taken things to the next level. Being able to see your name in the game credits of Contra IV, is gonna be quite an honor.

Whenever I went to check out "Dwelling of Duels", your Contra cover just "sang" from start to finish. Hope things are going great for you. And hey whenever VGMIX comes back, the wait will be worth it. =D

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