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OCR00788 - *YES* Streets of Rage 2 'Slow Moon Groove'

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I'd appreciate it if you would give this a listen

and consider posting it.

you should be able to get it at:

and if that doesn't work (it should) I suppose you

could grab it from VGMix:

I'd rather you try to get it from my machine (the

first URL) first as I have changed the ID3 tags to

follow the submission guidelines.

Thanks. I hope you enjoy it.

Chris Powell aka Avien


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I'm gonna vote:


And here's why.

The ending.

The quality of this song is great. The samples used are great. The instrumentation is great. But I really feel like that end is supposed to go on. And it bothers me to no end. Like an itch I can't scratch. It sounds as if, I was working on a remix, got to a point where I couldn't think of anything else to do with it, and so I just said, "meh, I'll submit it anyway as is" and to me that seems half-assed. I'm not saying no effort went into the rest of this song, but I really feel highly unsatisfied by it in its current form.

Plus this'll probably be the only no vote.


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Makin me download from vgmix eh? you little.... @#!@#

anyway, beat reminds me of the winds of eternity mix.


Great feel to this mix, nice soft quality.


Rather simple.

Loops and doesnt go anywhere in the end. Could have been a great 5 minutes song. Felt like a lazy job.

Though I think avien was THE MAN with that ff3j song, I dont apreciate the shortness and simplicity of this one. I would give it a yes were it longer, but for now,



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