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Tetris Attack Forest Stage WIP, Live Instruments


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Alright, I've been trying to do a mix of this song for almost a year now, and I think I finally have a pretty decent start.









I want to make this as good as I possibly can, so any and all criticisms are totally welcome. Pick this thing apart and suggest anything you like, as I haven't entirely decided where it's going to go from here. Thanks!

EDIT: Changed the part after the intro around a lot, has an actual melody now and I think it flows a lot smoother.

EDIT 2: Updated a ton again, please listen and give feedback, I don't know what else I need to fix in here. Another ear would help out a ton. Thanks!

EDIT 3: Ok, now this is starting to take shape I think. The overdriven guitar suggestion came out really well I think. Still post comments and feedback, it's not done yet! I need some suggestions on mastering and what to do with the ending, and if anything else sticks out, tell me! Thanks.

EDIT 4: Alright, used Tensei-San's rock bridge, it sounds a lot better. Updated again, would still like feedback!

EDIT 5: Mastered everything to the best of my ability, I think it's done. Feedback still? FIXED THE LINK

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This is an interesting mix, but it seems to be lacking a theme of some sort, to me it sounds like your playing ( however VERY NICE PLAYING!!) is nothing that can catch an interest.

I didn't like the build up halfway to all of a sudden a different kind of beat and subtle melody, that build up felt like it needed more of a take off after that like at a rock concert when that drum build is used, then the guitar comes and rocks the house or the singer comes and sings, ya know not building up then backing down to less than what was just being played.

Don't let that discourage you though, I'm really not one to be such a critical analyst, in fact I can't wait to hear what you do with this, the instruments were awesome and the playing was awesome!

Keep it up can't wait to hear more!

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I agree with the previous criticism, while the build-up with the drums getting meatier etc. sounds pretty cool (though the drums are panned weirdly), it's really unexpected and anticlimactic when the ethnic percussion and the flute suddenly come in.

It would sound absolutely awesome if you opted for a louder approach with overdriven guitars doing power-chords and stuff after that build-up. The intro reminded me a bit of U2-ish pop rock bands actually, so maybe that's where the idea comes from. The mix really needs a sense of direction.

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It sounds a lot better, but IMO it still needs more "oomph". I'm not trying to take over your mix or anything, but consider this as a suggestion to how I think it would sound cool. Really, the idea popped in my head and I just had to make it =P feel free to ignore it altogether though, it's your mix after all.


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personally i like the openning section of the song, the part at about 0.50 - 1.22 sec. into the song, the most as it sounds the most dramatic.Can you add that portion of the mix to end the song but perhaps with something extra to it to make it a definitive ending?

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