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OCR01602 - Chrono Trigger "Back 2 Skala"


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Who gives a deuce if "Schala's Theme" has been covered nearly a dozen times? Seriously, if it's good music, it needs to be posted. Considering the source material is pretty boss, I would continue to expect more remixes of this particular Chrono Trigger vein. I really hate coming to the forums trying to find decent input (outside the words of djpretzel and panel) just to read some lame review about how "someone's already remixed this song".

It holds no relevance to the artistry of the track, hard work of the remixer(s), and it turns the newer listeners away. So if you're going to 'boycott' remixes of a specific genre, game, or song title, just because it's been covered time and time again, keep it to yourself. Just to emphasize, saying something like, "nice remix, even though someone else heard this song and got inspired to remix it already" is not a valid, substantial review. We all want people to branch out and be creative, but finding the nuances in all of these same-source tracks should be enjoyed just as much.

This is, of coarse, just my two cents. I've been seeing that kind of hollow feedback here and there, and felt urged to write my thoughts. Throwing it out there; if you don't like it, you can throw it right back. You won't see me fawning over every Final Fantasy remix even though I'm a fan of Uematsu's work (like so many), but if a remix is credible, polished, and up-to-standard, then by god, it needs to be posted! Even if OCR eventually has 10,000 "One-Winged Angel" remixes, get over it.

As for "Back 2 Skala", you guys did an amazing job. She's officially uploaded to the iPhone and has been inspiring to run to during weight-training. Finding music that connects with your mind, body, and soul is nourishment in its own right. Keep it up, and if you haven't already come back into the remixing world, ambient, please do so soon.

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This song makes me cry every dang time I listen to it. Those deep pads you hear in there twice hit me INCREDIBLY hard. And the little squeaking noises used in the first stage of the song remind me of a little character of mine I'm fond of, so that just amplifies the effect.

There are Great Songs...

There are Champion Songs...

But only a select few manage to achieve the coveted status of "Sacred".

This is one of them.

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The melody here seems to be like flowing over the drums. And that's a pretty cool image actually....

I know this has intentions of electronica, but this feels more specifically like orchestral meets hip-hop plus some electronica to smooth over the cracks and gaps. :razz:

This song has a lighthearted and mellow grove that I like and the soundscape is nice, varied, and pleasingly melody driven.

All in all, this is a really cool track that I wish I had known about sooner.

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  • Liontamer changed the title to OCR01602 - Chrono Trigger "Back 2 Skala"

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