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My First WIP - ambient groove

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Hey all. This is the first song I've ever made. I recently started playing with Reason out of boredom. This isn't actually my first WIP, but the first one that I feel is good enough to share. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated considering my inexperience. I'm not quite satisfied with the drums and the ending of the song as of right now. I'd also like to add in some additional variation. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Small Edit: Named it, added a little variation to the piano part, fixed that nasty drum fade at the end that actually cut off rather than faded.


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So you have a song that doesn't hurt the ears and has a chord progression and a good melody...

How is this your first fucking song? Mine was like a minute and a half and just had 4 on the floor, a guy saying "bass bass bass bass" over and over again with 1-bar random synth notes. And of course no regard for safe volume. It took me 3 or so years to get to a point where I could make something like this. Where are the WIPs you felt "weren't good enough to share?"

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Thanks for listening and thanks for the comments and kind words Overcoat. I appreciate it. Since you asked for it, here's a few other WIPs that I gave up on, maybe I'll touch on them again.

Edit: Deleted links because I don't want to plug up my friend's web space.

After this I had some really shitty ideas and other little melodies I started writing that I couldn't finish.

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