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Is there a word that defines DAW users?


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i don't see the need for another term. we're all musicians, producers, composers, audio engineers, etc.. there's already terms to describe what we do. and everybody uses computers nowadays, so there's no point in distinguishing the fact that we use DAWs

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Doesn't the word "programmer," mentioned by Sil, cover all of this already? I know in the industry the term refers primarily to drum sequences, but unglamorous as it sounds, "programmer" or "music programmer" may already be an accepted "title." I already have been using this word to describe myself and what I do.

Music programmer sounds either like youre coding (which could makes sense if you're heavy into CSound or something, but other wise not), or almost like your DJing - setting up schedules for playing songs like TV Programmers do...

The name for this is not needed and no one but one forum will heed it as analoq said.

I just say I produce and compose electronic music. meh. I am an electronic music producer/composer.

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