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It's the 21st century, why haven't these games been realized?


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Anyways I had this idea for a game. An MMO space sim. Kinda like freelancer only on a much larger scale. And a more realistic model (with the exception of superluminal travel of course). An entire galaxy could be created, with a scale from enormous space objects, black holes and crap, down to cities and civilizations on certain planets that meet the criteria for life. You, the player, are some joe schmo from wherever. A citizen of the galaxy. You can become a mercenary, a freelancer doing odd-jobs, a criminal, drug runner, soldier, space policeman, etc, etc.

Didn't Earth and Beyond have a lot of those elements?

If the Firefly MMORPG ever comes to fruition, by the way, I'll definitely be in on that. KF

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my game

Name: Junkie

style: fast paced crime spree fun

You start the game as a junkie with a drug habit and need to take drugs to keep your withdrawl symptons at bay. You cant get a job becasue your too drugged out so you have to steal, rob, granny bash, rip off burgule peoples houses to feed your addiction. As you take different drugs they have different effects on your charcaters. Taking Cocaine will cause your character to be full of confidcne and more aggressive better suited to mugging and more physical crimes. Herion casues you to relax and be slow, Ecstasty casues you to become a wreck but makes you more charistamatic, Acid can be used to keep withdrawl away but casuse the character to become delusional with the game world changing constantly finding it hard to navigate or eatn money.

The gameplay would be a 3d city ala gta but you will not be able to drive so therefopre the city would be more compact. Drugs would be bought off dealers. Were you can either pay up front or "Tick" drugs off the dealer. Drugs can then be taken to hold off withdrawl or sold to people to earn cash. Each of your customers and your dealers would have a reputation value this would represent how much the dealer trusts you and how much you can trust them. You can rip off dealers and clients by undercutting your drugs or cutting them with additives. Postive reputation would be gained by paying for drugs on time and being generous, turning up on time and avoiding heat.

The purpose of the game is to survive as long as possible and to avoiding "crashing", crashing is what happens when your withdrawl syptons become too much and u cannot go on. As you take drugs so your addciton incresases so more is needed more often. Other drugs hold off withdrawl from another drug if your stash runs out but having to use other drugs starts other addictions which need to be fed so more money is needed or drugs ticked.

My aim of this would be to make the player think and act like a desperate junkie as your addictions get worse your body would change too u would become gaunt and hideous. and ud be able to sell ANYTHING for money. And since certain drugs can only be bought off certain dealers who would be spread around in different areas the junkie would have to start learing how to cross withdrawl i.e taking another dug to stop the craving of a drug taken previously. So players would be doing more rip offs, stealing more, and not paying dealers back on time. ripping off people makes them not trust you so its harder to sell, not paying dealers back in time causes them to start charging more money and if you really start avoiding them they will come and find you and steal everything you have on you in payment after this occurs a dealer will no longer deal with you ever again cutting off a supply and making u penniless at the same time. This i hope would lead the player into ticking drugs off another dealer and starting the process again.

People may say whats the point of this game it has no clear goal but I came up with the Idea while wathcing the Danish Film Pusher in which a coke addicted small time dealer is rushing around trying to find some cash to pay back his boss. At the begining of the film the main character is funny composed and happy but near the end of the film when he runs out of coke he becomes more and more desperate until at the end of the film hes lied stealed and borrowed so much that he has to die. I want the player to be frank at the begining a happy go lucky person but by the end your doing the most heinous shit to get money and your bodies disfigured untrustworty bastard.

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