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  1. I got into an argument with a 14 year old the otherday because he said that the playstation sucked and that the Xbox and 360 were the best console ever. I tried to correct him pointing out that they best console was the sega master system. I could have frozen the universe with the line he uttered next "what the hell is a sega"...............Computer games are doomed. P.S 2008 these games are now 10 years old and i remember getting excited about there release StarCraft GTA Final Fantasy tactics (FOOKIN WHEY) Baldurs gate Half life Gran Turismo Tekken 3 Resident evil 2 WWF Warzone Crash Bandicoot.
  2. when was silly putty released on the amiga? I always remember if you missed a jump a cat bursting out shouting "JUST MISSED IT"
  3. from what ive seen it looks like a GTA mashed together with prince of persia during the crusades. nice
  4. No game comes close to the awsomeness of Wonder Boy in Monster Land PERIOD!
  5. another great independent studio succombs to the big EA machine. This makes me cry I love Bioware and Pandemic. Here it comes folks shit Knights of the Old republic games, shit Rpgs and shit new FPS http://www.bioware.com/bioware_info/press_releases/2007_10_11_EA_to_acquire_bioware_pandemic/EA_to_acquire_bioware_pandemic.pdf
  6. i read this article and it made me sick to my stomach. I have started to think that EA has been killing the games industry for some years becasue every old software production house that they absorb loses all creatvivty and churns out half baked sequel after half baked sequel (FIFA games are the ideal mould to look at and is in some way why their populartiy has fallen and Pro Evo rise has been so prominet in the football game of choice) also the last Oddworld game strangers Wrath was poor and did not feel Oddworld at all but a genric shooter. The medal of Hounour games have also fallen in quality. yes they may have better graphics, but the innovation that is absent and so more prominet in smaller or independent houses not owned by EA. The problem horrible thing that EA has done is taken the Game making process out of the hands of the game lovers (programmers, artists)who actually love their art and want to push the barriers on game interaction and placed it in the hands of the suits. The suits dont give a flying fuck about game design and player interaction they simply want their money. The only way i can see a real change in EA is if the technical people striked for better conditions, better pay packets and to have more control over what they were producing. The problem there is that they would simply employ people who would be more than happy to work in the competitive industry. The only way it could work is if it was an industry wide strike. an EA CEO http://www.oddworld.com/universe/industrial/characters/glukkons/molluck_assets/cg_assets/scroll_cg06.jpg
  7. I do aploogise for my ppor typing but i am using an external water proof keyboard after some fukcer poured wine over my keyboard thinking that it looked sad and could do witha drink.
  8. Prime Minister Jhon Major on Tony Blairs Election campaign 1997
  9. I know these are rarer then chocloate milk Frappes but Dungeons and Dragons and the Tower of Doom with four player support is fucking Legendary. an arcade near me used to have this at 20p a credit me and my mates used to fucking rinse cash in that game. Did anyone ever play mad Dog. the old western game were you played through a story with live action people. Are you trying to like a Kwarks. These are gaming cafes in England that are a small chain I woukld recmoned looking them up. They serve alcholic beveages and food. Oragnise lan parties, tournaments , and are generally good places to hang out. heres a lonk if your intrested http://www.quarks.co.uk/ the one in guildford is the one i use it has a hole upstairs bit you cant see in the picture where they host clan matches and teams. I used to be part of their crimson skies clan on the old Xbox.
  10. I Love love you (hyper super dimension mix) on the Jet set Radio Future soundtrack is a must. Also "higher place" by N-joi Basement Jaxx "Romeo" personal pref
  11. Their not getting easier you are just so fucking amazing...............yeah right do you know why the old games were so hard i'l tell ye no save points. take my favourite game of all time Wonder Boy in Monster Land you try completing that on your first playthjrough. you play the game for 2 hours get all the amazing boots and armour and fight all the secret monsters for the kick ass sword then you have to wander around a castel listning for a tinke. It took me 6 months to complte that game and i still play it now on my old MS just to teach myself not to complain about save points and checkpoints. Imagine playing Halo 3 the whole way through with only 3 lives on legendary with no checkpoints. This is what we need to do to make games fun again.
  12. Hey people I thought this article might intrest y'all http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7052420.stm As we have seen EA buying alot of the old develpors and publishing houses. Could EA be condidering in moving into the market making a super platform or sonsole and if so DOES THAT NOT SCARE THE FUCK OUT OF. Ever since EA have been clearing up the quality of said developers and publishers of finished articles have dived. But in some ways i can see the point. I wish sega would come back and do what they did best make simple easy to play games that dont requier a fucking manual thicker than the complete works of shakespere and Context contorls so complicated that soon we will have the chance to selct to wipe our bottoms and worse still wather to use charmin or asda "shades".
  13. if it isnt i will personally skull fuck everyone at capcom c'mon you got to have Zangiuf and guile, I wouldnt mind seeing blanka and E honda go
  14. I always felt sorry for the dreamcast i never owned one but a freind of mine did and they had some pretty amazing titles that were very unique. the ecco game on the dreamcast ruled one of the best underwater games. Marvel Vs Capcom on the dreamcast was the best fighter. Shenmue ruled now it looks dated and old the xbox verison was hideous. what was the beat em up on it the medieval one that was the last great beat um up i rember since nobody makes them anymore *sigh*.
  15. mine is called "you fucking bastard" usually shouted just before it crashes my game of medeival total war.
  16. I was not trying to start trouble, I was just intrested in whether anyone rembered the project or if anyone has any artwork that was made for the project. Since alot that was produced was high quality stuff. I am a redcoat Fratto and not a Pole and I apolgise for any confusion or irratation I may have caused. Screw you and your pets.
  17. your to take this seroiusly, The original Thread was started back in 2006 if there is some sort of archive they will show this. I think i may have some of the concept artwork on my comp at home (I am currently writing from my office drone comp) Princess Toadstool was meant to be a whore or some other lady of the night who mario was obseesed with. There was a an idea of STAR pills which made mario go insane and extremely hard, Mushrooms that made him grow, Flowers all linked to various drugs. Does anyone remember this thread? there was over 80 pages of posts and a large amount of concept artwork produced. In paticular there were alot of Bowsers drawn.
  18. Have you just stolen this Idea from the Dark Mario game that was being made by some developers or it may have been on this very site. The idea that Mario goes to the "MUSHROOM KINGDON" after getting whacked out on drugs and that mario IS just a fat plumber from new york but in his drug induced madness he thinks hes a super hero.
  19. my game Name: Junkie style: fast paced crime spree fun You start the game as a junkie with a drug habit and need to take drugs to keep your withdrawl symptons at bay. You cant get a job becasue your too drugged out so you have to steal, rob, granny bash, rip off burgule peoples houses to feed your addiction. As you take different drugs they have different effects on your charcaters. Taking Cocaine will cause your character to be full of confidcne and more aggressive better suited to mugging and more physical crimes. Herion casues you to relax and be slow, Ecstasty casues you to become a wreck but makes you more charistamatic, Acid can be used to keep withdrawl away but casuse the character to become delusional with the game world changing constantly finding it hard to navigate or eatn money. The gameplay would be a 3d city ala gta but you will not be able to drive so therefopre the city would be more compact. Drugs would be bought off dealers. Were you can either pay up front or "Tick" drugs off the dealer. Drugs can then be taken to hold off withdrawl or sold to people to earn cash. Each of your customers and your dealers would have a reputation value this would represent how much the dealer trusts you and how much you can trust them. You can rip off dealers and clients by undercutting your drugs or cutting them with additives. Postive reputation would be gained by paying for drugs on time and being generous, turning up on time and avoiding heat. The purpose of the game is to survive as long as possible and to avoiding "crashing", crashing is what happens when your withdrawl syptons become too much and u cannot go on. As you take drugs so your addciton incresases so more is needed more often. Other drugs hold off withdrawl from another drug if your stash runs out but having to use other drugs starts other addictions which need to be fed so more money is needed or drugs ticked. My aim of this would be to make the player think and act like a desperate junkie as your addictions get worse your body would change too u would become gaunt and hideous. and ud be able to sell ANYTHING for money. And since certain drugs can only be bought off certain dealers who would be spread around in different areas the junkie would have to start learing how to cross withdrawl i.e taking another dug to stop the craving of a drug taken previously. So players would be doing more rip offs, stealing more, and not paying dealers back on time. ripping off people makes them not trust you so its harder to sell, not paying dealers back in time causes them to start charging more money and if you really start avoiding them they will come and find you and steal everything you have on you in payment after this occurs a dealer will no longer deal with you ever again cutting off a supply and making u penniless at the same time. This i hope would lead the player into ticking drugs off another dealer and starting the process again. People may say whats the point of this game it has no clear goal but I came up with the Idea while wathcing the Danish Film Pusher in which a coke addicted small time dealer is rushing around trying to find some cash to pay back his boss. At the begining of the film the main character is funny composed and happy but near the end of the film when he runs out of coke he becomes more and more desperate until at the end of the film hes lied stealed and borrowed so much that he has to die. I want the player to be frank at the begining a happy go lucky person but by the end your doing the most heinous shit to get money and your bodies disfigured untrustworty bastard.
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